Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th August 2022 Written Update: Kanika double crosses Vedhika.


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ram asking Pihu whether she’s bored. He suggests to play games after pooja and asks her to keep it a secret from Priya. They decide to play a game and Pihu and Krish are in a team. Priya thinks that Pihu is lucky to get a father like Ram who’s even ready to forget the hatred for Krish for her. Vedika tries provoking Ishaan but Ishaan gives it back with confidence. Vedika wonders the reason for his sudden confidence.

Pooja starts and Ram searches for Pihu. Pihu says Priya got scolded for sitting in pooja without bangles. Ram is about to arrange for bangles for her but Pihu says she has it with her. They gets shocked seeing Ram’s mother’s kangan. Ram gets emotional seeing it. Pihu says that her mother said that she would pass the bangle to her when she grows up. Brinda is also surprised and waits for DNA report to be positive. Priya scolds Pihu for touching it. Ram says that she wouldn’t be able to bring it if she didn’t touch it. He makes her wear the bangles. Priya thinks that no matter what she would reveal the truth about Pihu to room after pooja. Vedika, Kanika and Nandhini wait for police.

Pooja starts and Ram and Priya does the arti. Ram thinks that the decision he has taken will definitely won’t be accepted by his mother but he decides to go forward with it for his love for Priya and Pihu. Priya prays for being together with Ram and wishes that Ram forgives her after finding about Pihu. Priya’s sister also wishes for her happiness and Ishaan too thanks God. Krish promises Ishaan to never come between Ram and Priya’s love. Vedika gives the video to Kanika. She can’t wait to witness Priya’s downfall. Everyone have their own sets of feelings.

Brinda comes out to call Doctor to find out the results. Doctor says though he didn’t get the reports yet, he got the confirmation that they got matched. Brinda couldn’t hear it due to Police siren sound. Minister calls Ram to sign after pooja for the contract. Ram waits for Priya but in vain. He thinks of his moments with Pihu and signs the contract with her. He is worried about his mother’s reaction towards his decision and wonders how to convince Krish. Ram is about to go to search Priya when Police comes there.

Nandhini taunts Priya for not listening to her words and says that Ishaan have bear the brunt of it. Vedhika asks Kanika to give the video to Police but Kanika asks what video. Nandhini and Vedhika are shocked. Kanika says Ram that she already told Vedhika to inform him about Inspector visit and Ram questions Vedhika. He understands Priya’s condition and sends Ishaan with Pihu . Police says that they got to know deal got signed so came to congratulate them.

Precap : Minister learns about the drama and is about to cancel the deal. Ram gets emotional seeing Pihu.

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