Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th July 2022 Written Update: Vedika decides to go against Nandini and Shubham!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram feeling for Pihu. Pihu eats the cupcake. Ram feels emotional. Sandy comes and says boarding has started. Ram says we are coming. Ram says I am not promising but I will try to get better. Pihu says okay. Pihu gives Ram medicine for acidity. Ram says I have mine. They go together. Here, Priya worries why Pihu and all are getting late. Priya thinks to call then thinks no I shouldn’t show Ram that I don’t trust him.

Priya gets pictures of Pihu and Ram playing games. Priya gets happy and says I know Pihu is doing this for me but soon she will meet the Ram I know, I hope Ram gets back. Priya imagines Ram and Pihu fighting over Priya is whose and Priya says I am both’s. Then Priya wakes up and thinks it was so beautiful so it was dream only, I so wish to make this true for Pihu but can do the best thing at the moment.

Priya gets a message and she gets surprised. The message reads about Priya not being the real culprit of Ishan and after Ram learns the truth then he will forgive her but not Ishan. Priya worries thinking who can this be? Only Ishan and Krish knows it. Priya goes to bring water. Shubham calls Vedika to ask her what did she learn from Ishan. Vedika thinks I will not tell him the truth as I will use this as trump card. Vedika says Ishan knows nothing. Shubham says you are lying. Vedika says you are lying and pretending to make Ram and Priya come close but actually you are seeing your benefit. Shubham says yes but because of the jail clause.

Vedika says I read it only Ram will go to jail. Shubham says I won’t let him go to jail. Vedika says you can as Nandini and you always see your benefit. Vedika cuts the call. Shubham says I will not leave her, I will teach her a lesson. Priya hears it. Shubham sees her and thinks did Priya hear it? Shubham says you want something? Priya says I came to see Ram and Pihu. Shubham says they went to leave Adi and Brinda. Shubham leaves.

Priya thinks is it Shubham who messaged me? Here, Vedika tells Kanika how she will make Priya believe that Nandini is behind these messages and I know Priya she will ask questions and will try to go into depth. Vedika says I won’t let Nandini make me a pawn anymore. Kanika says are you sure? Priya won’t stay silent? Vedika says yes, Nandini and Shubham have always been ungrateful and mean now they will lose.

Priya thinks how Nandini also must be knowing as Shubham always discusses everything with Nandini but why? I did everything like she said now what. Priya worries for Pihu and Ram. Priya calls Ram and hears the ring. Priya sees Ram and Pihu sleep in the car. Priya tries to wake them but rain starts so she gets in and opens the window as Ram is feeling hot. Priya clicks their pics and thinks if it’s being done by Nandini then she will make Pihu go far from me. Priya thinks I need to ask Ishan about who else knows about the Shivi’s incident.

Next day, Ishan wakes up with heavy head. Ishan says I don’t know why my head is aching. Sara starts beating him with a pillow. Vikrant stops her. Ishan says why are you beating me? Sara says you don’t remember? You got drunk last night. She shows the video where Ishan got drunk. Ishan says you know I don’t drink. Vikrant says you said a lot of things but we deleted it. Vikrant asks are you sure you don’t remember? Ishan says yes. Priya comes and says what happened? Sara says how Ishan got drunk and Shubham and Vikrant bought him back. Priya thinks maybe at that time Ishan have told Shubham. Priya leaves. Sara and Vikrant find it odd.

Here, Ram is having pain in shoulder. Ram calls Adi and asks for medicine. Adi says what happened? Ram says Pihu had slept in my arms so I didn’t want to wake her up so I let her sleep on my arm in the car. Adi says you slept in car? You take pain killer but don’t tell Priya. Ram asks Pawan about Priya. Pawan says she went somewhere. Ram again calls Adi and asks if Priya is there? Adi says no maybe she went somewhere with Pihu. Ram sees Pihu and wonders where is Priya.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram thinks Priya has gone to meet Krish hidingly. Pihu gets upset not finding Ram come to the dinner date. Priya questions Ram for going all detective on her.

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