Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th February 2023 Written Update: Avni makes Lakhan remind of their time together!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Raghav drinking beer. Angad is surprised and says you don’t drink then how come? Raghav says I just felt like drinking so I took it, I am happy for Prachi and Josh while I am also happy for Pihu as she will soon be out of the trouble. Angad says yes cheers. Angad says what do you see in Josh? How can you give him all the credits? Raghav says Josh is so good and he is helping us. Angad says so what do I need to do to get credit. Raghav says to respect girls. Angad says I hate girls let’s cheers to that. Brinda sees Angad normal so she gets happy. Raghav hides beer seeing her. Brinda says chill, just keep eating something and don’t drink much. Brinda sees Angad and thinks he is upset for Pihu but will never accept it. Here, Mahir comes to Pihu to ask her to come on a date. Pihu agrees with difficulty. Mahir goes being happy. Prachi comes and asks Pihu what is she looking for? Is it pills? Pihu says you are my saviour. Pihu takes the pill and avoids any conversation with Prachi. Prachi says you are reminding me of mom how she used to do all the sacrifices alone, like you used to tell the stories remember. Pihu says nothing like that please leave me alone. Prachi thinks I know Pihu is ignoring me and is tensed like dad, but I won’t let her sacrifice for me.

Pihu comes to Mahir who is all ready for date. Pihu gives the dates to Mahir to eat and says enjoy, if you want to stay with me then learn to eat healthy. Pihu goes. Mahir is upset. Monika sees this and comes to Mahir. Mahir tries to complain but Monika says this marriage is happening and you should take control over Pihu as she is your to be wife. Prachi comes to Raghav and Angad. They tell her about how they can see everything Mahir is doing on his phone. Prachi says this is wrong. Raghav explains how it’s not wrong as Mahir himself gave the phone to repair and Kapil did this as he is an expert. Prachi says okay we can use this, great idea as everyone has secrets. Raghav says this is Josh’s idea. Angad thinks Raghav will make Josh god infront of Prachi as Raghav was the one to plan all this. They all see the phone screen when they see Mahir chat with a call girl and saying how he misses her and soon after marriage he will meet her. Mahir also asks for hot pictures so the girl shares. Prachi feels eww. Angad says he is using an illegal site to chat with girls. Raghav says how do you know? Angad says no guys I haven’t used it I just know. Angad says this perfect to use this against Mahir. They all agree upon this.

Next day, Adi asks Lakhan if he is sure to become a payer of Sid’s loan? Lakhan says yes I have decided so make the papers. Adi says if you have decided then no one can change it. Avni comes and talks on call saying Sid it’s okay I will see how can I come, you can take the driver. Lakhan sees her. Adi invites her for breakfast. Avni comes and says sorry to disturb you in the morning actually, I came to give this jewellery I wore in my wedding. Monika also shows her jewellery. Lakhan goes into flashback with Avni. Mahir comes so Angad, Raghav and Prachi gear up for their plan. Raghav sees Mahir alone so Raghav shows the chat to Mahir. Mahir worries. Mama ji sees it too and thinks due to Mahir’s stupidity we will be on road. Raghav goes when Mahir comes and asks for Kapil. Mahir says I have not done chatting like that, it was Kapil. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav threatens Mahir to not marry Pihu as he loves her. Mahir worries when the engagement ceremony starts.

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