Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th July 2022 Written Update: Ram and Priya’s misunderstandings to increase!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram wondering where is Priya? Pihu comes and Ram sees her. Ram cuts Adi’s call. Ram calls Pihu for breakfast. Ram makes her sit and asks about Priya? Pihu says I don’t know. Ram asks how was your first flight? Pihu says it was very good. Pihu asks if Priya can make tomorrow’s breakfast as parantha? Ram says why? I can ask Pawan to make something else. Pihu says no Priya makes nice Parantha. Ram remembers how he used to love paranthas made by Priya.

Priya comes to Kapoor mansion and thinks about all the instances and how Shubham must be the one, now Ishan also doesn’t remember what should I do? Ram and Pihu enjoy breakfast together. Ketchup gets on Pihu’s face so Ram tries to tell her. Then Ram shows Pihu her face on selfie. They laugh and Ram wipes her face. They laugh.

 Priya sees them from far and adores them. Ram says now you can eat. Priya tries to call Krish but is unable to. Shubham comes and says we are getting late for meeting. Ram says I have shoulder pain so I can’t. Shubham says okay I am going. He leaves.

Ram decides to go so takes leave from Pihu. Pihu says bye mister khadoos. Priya thinks I had a dream to watch Ram and Pihu spend time and smile, but now I need to leave as I am getting threats and I can’t let Ishan’s secret come out but if I go then how will I help Ram.

Priya goes to Pihu. Pihu says you know Ram has pain in his arm. Priya says I know because you slept on his arm. Pihu says yes, please give him that soup and medicines. Priya says okay, now you like him? Pihu says yes he is very nice, he gave me cupcakes and showed me clouds. Priya thinks I won’t let anyone steal Pihu’s time with Ram, I won’t get threatened by anyone, this is a mom’s fight now.

Vedika comes and asks where is Ram. Pavan says Sir left for office. Priya is with the physiotherapist. Vedika sees her. Doctor asks Priya to take rest. Pavan asks what to make in the dinner. Priya says I will make it for my Pihu. Pihu says Ram promised that he will come soon.

Vedika says I think your foot got fine, I came when you were busy doing duties of your fake marriage. Pihu goes to play. Vedika says we can plan the function if you got fine. Pihu thinks of Priya’s birthday. Vedika says Ram wants me to attend the function, I would have become his wife if this deal matter didn’t come up. Priya says I know its hard for you to wait, we are doing this on Ram’s saying. Vedika says he truly loved me, so he came back to me. Priya asks her to help her.

Vedika says I was in problem that time. Priya says I helped you, I m still doing the same, don’t do anything that you regret later. Vedika sends a message to Priya. Priya worries. She thinks is Shubham doing this. Ram cancels his meetings and says I m going home. Vikrant thinks you deserve to know that Pihu is your daughter. Adi says you are going home soon. Ram asks what happened to Vikrant.

Vikrant says I want to give some gift to Ishaan. Ram asks him to get some science tech gadget. Vikrant thanks for the idea and hugs. He leaves. Adi asks why are you in tension, is everything fine. Ram says Pihu and I became friends. Adi says great. Ram says I should also give something to Pihu, its hard to know Pihu, she doesn’t like costly gifts, how shall I make her happy, what does she like the most. Adi says ask Priya. Ram says she will say not to buy anything, just one more person would know Pihu well. Adi says Krish, talk to him, he has let his daughter become your daughter. Adi blesses Pihu.

Priya meets Krish and shows the blackmailer’s message. She asks why is this happening, find out who is doing this. Krish says calm down, you said someone spiked Ishaan’s drink. She says yes, I think it was Shubham. Krish asks why Shubham. Priya says Shubham dropped him home, he never helps anyone, I heard him saying about troubling me. He says we will find out, can you make coffee for me. She goes.

Ram comes home. Krish asks why did you come. Ram says sorry, I didn’t intend to disturb you, I want to gift something to Pihu, I thought to take your help, Pihu and I are meeting on a dinner date, she is a really nice kid, I want to know what makes her happy. Krish says she gets happy by the things from which she learns, she likes to talk to stars. Ram says thanks, I really appreciate this. He sees Priya’s purse. Ram thinks Priya came here to meet Krish, so she didn’t come out.

Priya makes the dinner. Pihu makes a card for Ram. She thinks to take Ram’s help and plan Priya’s birthday. Priya thinks to find the blackmailer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu asks why did Ram didn’t come for the dinner date? Is he upset? Priya goes to ask Ram. They argue. She gets hurt. Ram cares for her and hugs.

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