Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th June 2022 Written Update: Pihu makes Kanika injured!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya leaving to avoid everyone. While Ram and family look on. Vedika tells Kanak how Ram will never cheat her, he will never hit on a married girl. Kanika says I like breaking rules. Vedika says I don’t mind sharing Ram with you. They smile. Here, Meera makes Pihu get ready as Hanuman and Pihu tells Meera about their adventure without dad. Meera feels emotional and thinks how Priya is a good mother as well. Pihu asks Meera not to feel sad. Maitri comes with hanuman’s gada. They joke and take selfie.

Here, Nandini faints and Ram worries. Minister comes and asks if they need help. Ram says no, I can take care. Kanika excuses herself as it’s too hot. Minister asks her to come soon. Ram asks Adi about Pawan and they need medicine. Ram says I am going to bring medicines. Minister says but we have puja, Ram says Nandini is most important for me. Ram leaves. Nandini smirks.

Priya sees a couple with a daughter and imagines Pihu, Ram and herself. She gets emotional. Kanika gets collided with her and excuses herself. Priya worries about Pihu being inside and Meera not picking up calls. Priya then sees Ram and hides. Ram also sees the same couple and thinks this love is for just sometime they will realise soon. Ram goes. Priya thinks maybe the meeting Sandy told about it’s this only. Here, Brinda thinks to go and check on Ram so Nandini stops her. Sara thinks Priya might be very disturbed so I should check. Vedika asks Sara to stay as she is now Vikrant’s fiance. Nandini smiles. Maitri tries to call Priya just when she comes and they discuss how Ram and his family are here. They worry.

Later, Minister thinks Kanika must have crossed her limits again so I should only go and check. Here, Kanika tries to get close to Ram. Pihu comes there and hits Kanika. Ram recognises Pihu as hanuman. Pihu runs away. Minister comes and looks on. Kanika says pain is getting less by your touch. Minister shouts how dare you Ram. Pihu asks Maitri to come home. She says I will give surprise to mom at home, I m feeling hungry. Maitri says fine, I will message Priya. Ram takes his medicines.

Minister says disgusting, Kanika is my wife, you are finding an excuse to do this. Ram says calm down, its nothing like that. Maitri messages Priya and asks her to come and meet her at the lane side. Minister says I saw you flirting with my wife, you are cheap. Ram says I m not cheap, what do you mean. Vikrant asks Ram to calm down. Ram says you can’t raise a finger on my character, I will tell you what happened. Adi says it’s a sensitive matter. Ram asks Kanika to say.

Minister sends Kanika away. Sara says I doubt this man. Vikrant says I m tensed that Ram’s anger will ruin things. Minister scolds Ram. Ram says I didn’t force anyone, the girl had her wish to get involved with me. Brinda asks the minister not to cross his line. Adi calms her down. Minister says I alerted my partners about you, I don’t know what they saw in you. Ram says my honesty, dedication and commitment, I m never involved with any married woman. Minister says I have to think about my decision. Nandini says I know you know about Ram’s affairs but… Minister says I have seen Ram with my wife. Ram asks Nandini not to give an explanation. She says we should clarify. Minister says I don’t want any association with this shameless person, imagine if anyone did this with your wife.

Episode ends.

Precap – Pihu and Ram bond over how Pihu helped him. Pihu runs and goes to Krish when Ram sees them together.

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