Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th February 2023 Written Update: Raghav’s heartfelt conversation makes Pihu emotional!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Mahir blaming Kapil who has used his phone to chat with girls. Lakhan calls Kapil and scolds him. Lakhan says just because you are Raghav’s brother I am letting you go but don’t you dare do this again. Kapil stands upset. Raghav feels bad for his brother. Lakhan says sorry to Avni for this drama on breakfast table. Lakhan offers to drop Avni on his way to office. Monika feels bad. They all leave. Mahir comes to Pihu and says see I am so loyal to you. Pihu goes while Mahir follows. Angad, Raghav and Prachi talk about how they underestimated Mahir and they have to find something big and then plan. Prachi says I should get myself arrested that will be best. Raghav says don’t you dare say that, we will definitely win as we are on the good side.

Later, Prachi and Josh are with each other finding ring for Prachi. Prachi sees all the rings so expensive so she thinks marriage should be about love and so do the ring and not about price. Josh shows all the expensive rings. Prachi says sorry I am unable to focus on this as I am worried for Pihu and we failed in all the plans. Josh says we as in? Prachi says me and Raghav. Josh thinks again Raghav. Josh says Mahir considers me his friend so I can use this to get dirt on him but if you don’t want to solve this with me. Prachi says it is not so, I just want it solved. Josh says great so let’s finish what we came here for and then go and do this. Prachi selects a ring not very expensive. Josh says the diamond is so small here. Prachi says it’s not about diamond or price it’s about the relationship we share, I am like this a bit sober so I hope it doesn’t bother you or hurt your status? Josh says not at all I like this innocence in you. Prachi thinks Josh is so nice and understands me so well. They take the ring.

At night, Mahir is unable to close his jacket buttons. Josh and Prachi come all ready for engagement. Josh helps Mahir. Prachi sits and pretends to talk to a friend and becomes sad. Josh signals Prachi to enact further. Josh says what happened? Prachi says my friend Amita was blackmailed by a guy Mohit to marry her so when Amita’s parents got to know they complained Mohit and her mom as they both were involved but his mom blamed Mohit for everything and now he is arrested, just imagine how own mother can do this to a son. Josh says it had to happen these cases are so common these days that is why police is taking strict actions and after arrest the criminal is tortured so much. Mahir worries and asks does this really happen? Josh says yes.

Mahir thinks what if Monika also puts the blame on me. Prachi goes. Mami is making Mama ji ready and they have a fight on how Mama ji has a tummy due to which his dress is not fitting. Later, Josh tries to talk to Mahir in general when Mahir says we are friends right, so can I share something? Josh says sure. Prachi is hearing this hidden. Mama ji comes and takes Mahir. Josh and Prachi get sad seeing their plan fail. Here, Raghav comes to Pihu and says Lakhan sent something for you. Raghav gives Priya’s bangles. Pihu gets reminded of all moments with her and feels emotional. Pihu says this reminds me of Priya and my mom dad’s love. Raghav says if you support love then why are you forcing yourself into this marriage? Prachi is trying to know Josh and you are marrying forcefully don’t know why. Pihu goes silent. Raghav worries thinking what if Pihu has to marry Mahir then Prachi might confess and get arrested.

Episode ends.

Precap – Raghav threatens Mahir and says he loves Pihu. Later, Mahir is hesitant to marry Pihu.

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