Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th July 2022 Written Update: Priya gives Shubham a strong warning!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode begins with Ram and Priya comming close when something falls and then Priya remembers the threat message. Priya thinks the person threatening me won’t take this well. Priya goes. Ram gets upset on how he lost control. Priya comes to room and remembers how Ram and she came close. Ram also thinks what is happening to me, I am slipping on things so much. Priya remembers the past moments of them. They both get emotional.

They both think the other one must have felt awkward they both think to meet but then stop themselves. Priya thinks I have always made Ram upset from me, I have to stop my emotions due to the blackmailer and I need to protect Ishan, I need to accept it that me and Ram can never be together, whatever happened today can’t happen again for Pihu and Ishan. Ram thinks I need to hate her for Shubham and Nandini, as it is she doesn’t care, I will mind my own business.

Next day, Brinda comes to tell Vikas that I planned for wedding. Brinda gets shocked seeing Shubham and Vedika. Shubham says I guess you didn’t expect me and Vedika here, when I only planned the wedding. Sandy says it’s not like that I was going to tell you. Adi also comes. Shubham says I think there is something more. Sandy says no, we were just planning a surprise for Priya’s birthday. Vedika gets shocked. Pihu sees Krish’s call so she picks it and says I need your help. Krish says let me do video call. Pihu says I am making a card so I can’t. Krish asks so what help you want.

Pihu says I wanted to get a red dress to gift Priya. Krish asks about the dress but Pihu is unable to explain it. Pihu thinks that’s why I wanted to go with Ram as he knows about fashion but he broke his promise. Pihu says I wanted to go with Ram but he didn’t show up. Krish says draw the dress and send it to me, I will get it I promise. Pihu says okay. Call ends and Pihu says Krish won’t break promise like Ram. Ram hears this and thinks Pihu is hurt because of me, what did I do.

Here, Sandy tells about the surprise party plan for Priya. Vikram says this time let’s do it for Priya, she is doing so much for me. Shubham says let’s tell Priya as she has to handle Pihu accordingly. They agree. Here, Ram tries to apologies to Pihu and explain her how due to work he missed the dinner. Pihu stays angry and blames him for evesdropping again. Ram gives her chocolates but she ignores. Pihu says Priya is upset and she made food even after getting hurt on her foot. Pihu goes. Ram thinks Priya was right, I was responsible for Pihu’s happiness and I ruined it. Ram sees the picture she drew and takes pictures to get the dress.

Here, Shubham comes to inform Priya about a small cake cutting ceremony with Ram and Pihu infront of media. Priya says okay but you should ask Nandini as she is upset from me. Shubham says she is our mom so she is concerned for us after whatever happened in past. Priya says I understand, I am doing this but I won’t let my family get affected which includes Pihu and Ishan. Shubham thinks why she took Ishan’s name? Shubham says as long as it goes as per our plan then there will be no problem. Priya thinks that means it is Shubham only who threatened me.

Krish comes to Meera and shows the dress image. Meera says how she only told Priya the story to make her believe in love. Meera says I told her whoever got this dress for her will be her prince charming. Krish thinks Pihu wants me to be Priya’s prince charming so I will be. Here, Ram asks Brinda and Adi to find the dress as he has ruined a lot for Pihu so he owes this to them. Adi and Brinda adore Ram’s concern. Krish asks Meera where can I get it. Meera says it’s old fashion I don’t think you will get it now. Krish gets upset. Brinda gives Ram an address for the dress.

Episode ends.

Precap – Vedika and Kanika plan to make Maitri slip to make a big scene. Ram helps Priya get ready. Instead of Maitri Priya slips.

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