Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Pihu to catch Vedika red handed!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya calming Maitri. Priya goes and calls Maitri who stays back and is lost in some thoughts. Pihu gets happy seeing Krish. Nandini comes to talk to Ram but he says the ministers have come so I need to go. Nandini gets shocked and upset. Ishan gives juice to Sara. Sara says how will I drink it? My lipstick will get spoiled. Ishan says oh you girls. Vikrnat comes with a straw. Brinda taunts how husbands are better before marriage only. They laugh.

Ram comes to ministers and ask them to try champagne. The ministers praise the decorations. Here, Krish asks Pihu why is she so happy seeing him? Pihu says mom’s dress. Krish says sorry I went there but someone took the last piece before I could reach the shop Meera told me about. Pihu says then who got the dress? Krish says what? Pihu says yes.

Priya and Maitri are coming so Vedika keeps the message ready. Pihu collides with her so the message gets sent. Instead of Maitri, Priya slips. Everyone gets shocked when Ram saves her. The other minister says I am sure they both are together now. Sandy whispers this was not in plan but it worked. Shubham says see they both always save each other.

Priya asks Maitri is she fine. Maitri says yes. She also slips. Shubham and Nandini hold her. Maitri thanks her. Ram asks Priya are you okay. Priya says yes. Pihu hugs her. Kanika says the plan failed. Vedika says its okay. She asks Ram to see Priya, she looks pale. Ram says I will call the doctor. Priya says I m fine, thanks for saving me. Ram says there is something on the stairs. Nandini says its because of your muddy shoes. Ram says sorry. Priya thinks why is she blaming Ram, there is oil on the stairs. Krish thinks Ram got that dress, when I tried my best, but Priya’s prince charming got the dress, there is something between them.

Pihu says mumma is sad because of Ram. Shubham asks what were you doing in the muddy area. Krish says he went to get Priya’s dream dress. Nandini thinks I can’t believe this. Minister thinks they will become an ideal couple and I will become a liar. Meera says Ram got the dress for Priya. Priya thinks Krish should have not told this in front of Nandini and Shubham. Krish asks Pihu to thank Ram. Reporter asks Ram did he go to get the dress. Ram jokes.

Reporter asks Priya how did she like Ram’s surprise. Ram says get some starters, party just started. Priya asks Meera to take care of Maitri. She says how in past Maitri said she is feeling restless, so Priya asks her not to worry. Priya doubts Nandini and thinks she is after Maitri also now, one phone was also with Nandini, I will find it in her room. Priya says I won’t let Nandini win this time. Here, Vedika thinks Maitri has the phone I hope she doesn’t see the message.

Here, everyone dance and enjoy. Pihu and Ram dance together. Vedika thinks I won’t let Ram go near Pihu. Vedika goes and join them. They all dance. Here, Maitri is sweating so Meera gives water and calms her. Meera says you sit here, I am going for mehendi. Maitri says I am also coming. Meera says stay here for now. Maitri says okay.

Vedika comes and asks Maitri how is she? Maitri says I am okay. Vedika says you have Priya’s phone so I was going to call her, so give me. Maitri hesitates. Vedika says I know you don’t like me. Maitri sees Sandy so asks her to give Priya the phone. Vedika worries. Vedika goes after Sandy and says Shubham is asking for you, so give me the phone. Sandy gives the phone and goes. Vedika is about to delete the message when Pihu comes and takes it. Pihu says it’s bad manners to check phones. Here, Priya comes to Nandini’s room and finds her medicines in dustbin. She wonders what’s going on but before she could check further, Nandini comes so she hides.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nandini shares her worries with Shubham. Pihu surprises Priya and says how Ram has helped her.

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