Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd November 2022 Written Update: Ram agrees to give Vedika her share to protect his family!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd November 2022 Written Update On

Episode begins with Vedika saying I have a plan, so let’s make Priya write a letter and you give it to Ram in temple. Shubham says this time Ram won’t be fooled. Nandini says if Ram gets to know you or we are involved then he won’t leave us. Shubham says what if we write the letter from Pihu? Flashback ends. Ram sis shocked to see the letter. Shubham pretends to be emotional and says I fought with her so maybe that is why she did this. Nandini says I didn’t know this would happen, Shubham will help you find Pihu and Priya, even I will. Ram is devastated and sees the cracker sign at the end. Ram remembers how he and Pihu decided that crackers will be their secret sign. Ram leaves from there. Nandini and Shubham are shocked. Ram comes to Krish and shows the letter. Krish says Priya and Pihu will never leave you. Ram says I know, Pihu used the cracker to notify me that they are in danger. Ram says I need your help to find them, I can’t lose my family again. Krish says we will find them.

Here, Pihu cries and prays for Ram to come. Priya gets conscious. Pihu cries and hugs Priya. Pihu asks if Priya is okay? Priya says yes but how are you here? Pihu says I was getting ready when someone kidnapped me. Priya thinks how can Nandini do this. Pihu cries and says what can we do now? We are kidnapped. Priya calms Pihu and says we are not kidnapped this is just our biggest adventure and we will soon meet Ram. Pihu hugs Priya. Pihu tells Priya how Vedika made her write a letter to Ram saying we will not come for wedding. Priya thinks so it was Vedika who attacked me from behind.

Vedika thinks why did Nandini didn’t call yet. Vedika thinks to check on Priya and Pihu. Priya hears Vedika so she pretends to be unconscious. Vedika comes there and Pihu says you are a bad person. Pihu holds Vedika’s hand and her phone falls. Vedika goes from there. Priya asks Pihu if she is okay. Pihu says yes I am okay. Pihu shows Priya the phone. Priya says you are very smart and now we will use this to expose Nandini and Vedika. Here, Krish tells Ram that Priya’s last phone location is his farm house and it is a few hours back. Krish asks who have access to farmhouse. Ram says other than family, Vedika has access. Krish says Vedika and your mom have a motive. Nandini hears this and gets shocked. Ram says but why mom? Krish says because of the property thing.

Here, Priya calls Nandini and keeps the phone behind Pihu. Vedika comes in and asks for her phone when Priya executes her plan. Nandini picks up the call and hears Priya say Vedika I know you have done this all. Vedika says Nandini is also on my side. Priya says I can’t believe it as Nandini might have done many things but she is not a criminal you lost everything so you are doing this and Nandini will also not support you in this. Priya says Nandini can never do this to Pihu specially after knowing Ram is going to give all the property to Nandini and Shubham after our marriage as we agreed on this. Nandini is shocked to know this. Vedika says you are lying. Priya says no I am not. Vedika thinks Priya is right Nandini won’t support me. Here, Nandini is confused thinking if really Ram was going to give all the property to her. She hears Ram say Nandini can’t be a suspect as I sent her the voice note about naming all the property on her name after marriage. Krish says but I don’t have any evidence so I will keep her as a suspect.

Nandini thinks I am so stupid, I listened to Vedika, I should have heard the voice note, if Ram gets to know I was involved with Vedika then everything will be over. Nandini comes to Ram and shows a footage of Vedika kidnapping Pihu with some men. Ram says see it’s clear Vedika did it. Ram says it’s of the farmhouse so I am going. Krish and Nandini both emphasis on going too. Nandini then suggests to call Vedika first. Here, Pihu drops Vedika’s phone. Vedika finds it and gets relieved that no calls to Ram were made. Vedika thinks to switch off her phone when she gets a call from Ram. Ram asks Vedika to meet him. Vedika says I want my shares. Ram says so you kidnapped Priya and Pihu for this? Priya and Pihu scream saying we are here. Vedika says if you want them then give my share back and don’t inform the police. Nandini suggests Ram to agree to Vedika for now to save Priya and Pihu. Ram agrees.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram goes to Vedika. Shubham and Nandini come with the police. Vedika panics and hits Ram with a vase.

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