Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Avni gets Lakhan released from jail!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 3rd February 2023 Written Update On

Episode begins with Priya taking to Swati to meet her at a place to talk to her about the truth. Nandini hears this and gets shocked. Here, Ram and Adi come to Swati’s house and find Avni. Avni says I am here as I want to help Swati prove Lakhan’s innocence. Avni says Lakhan is innocent, Yash is only releasing him. Ram says you are blackmailing your dad? Avni says I am just doing what he did to me, he also blackmailed me to marry Sid. Ram says Swati has blackmailed you right? Avni says no she hasn’t, Priya Just gave me strength. Sid hears all this. Avni says I always loved Lakhan but I couldn’t admit it. Ram says how can you let someone innocent be in jail for months and go through all this? Ram remembers how Priya always emphasized on asking Avni’s decision. Avni says I know I did wrong but not anymore.

Avni goes to police station. Adi says Priya was right about Avni and Lakhan maybe she will be right about Swati too. Sid comes inside and says Avni is not marrying me right? I again lost in love. Ram says how are you here? Sid says why did Priya do this and went against me. Shubham comes and says Priya always wants to go against us, she will soon take all property and make me exit out of the family, right? You have to do something. Ram says she is my wife, talk with respect. Shubham says she must have asked to choose her over us? Ram says Priya can never ask this as she knows I will choose her, you know how to break things but Priya keeps things together. Shubham says now also she has gone to that construction site to meet Swati against you. Ram says you got to know Priya went to somewhere so dangerous and instead of taking care of her you are here right? This shows what kind of person you are. Ram leaves. Adi says you have crossed all limits today. Adi also goes.

Here, Nandini comes to the construction site and meets Priya. Nandini says where is Swati? Priya says Swati is with her son Ram, Ram went to meet her and soon Lakhan also will be with them. Nandini is shocked. Priya says it must be shocking for you. Here, Lakhan gets out of jail. Avni comes and hugs him. Avni says now we will be together don’t worry, Priya is also with us. Yash comes there and says Avni blackmailed to release you so here you are but now Avni you have to come with me and listen to me. Lakhan says I don’t need to be any rich brats brother to have Avni, we both love each other. Yash says I will never let Avni marry a maid’s son. Swati asks Lakhan to leave Avni and asks Avni to go. Yash takes Avni. Swati says let’s go to home and talk to Priya she has always been with us.

Here, Nandini says you don’t know how you are going to lose everything you have by this. Priya says you will blackmail me like you have done before? Nandini says this time not you but I can send Ram jail. Priya thinks this might be the same thing Swati is blackmailed by. Nandini says Swati was lying because she didn’t want Ram to go to jail for murder so now you also should keep your mouth shut and not go after Swati. Ram comes and says what did you say? Nandini is shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sid pays ransom to goons to kill Priya and her unborn child. Here, Ram asks Nandini to stop her drama as she has been given many chances.

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