Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th August 2022 Written Update: Ram becomes Pihu’s genie!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th August 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya panicking for Pihu. Priya cries and says I can’t loose her. Ram says please calm down. Priya says what’s the use? Doctor asks Priya to come inside. Priya sees Pihu and asks her if she is okay? Pihu says yes. Doctor says we need to do blood test before we can say anything. Pihu says I don’t want injection. Priya says but it’s important. Pihu says it pains. Ram comes and says yes it will pain. Priya says what are you saying? Ram says I will talk to the doctor for Pihu as I know it pains. Doctor agrees to Ram. Priya says what is this? I am her mom I will decide. Ram says I am thinking about Pihu. Priya says Pihu was right we shouldn’t have helped him. Ram says why? Pihu says we should help him. Priya says you are saying this?

Here, Nandini comes to Vedika and asks her what is she hiding? Vedika says nothing. Nandini says I know. Vedika says I got to know about Ishan’s secret about he pushing Shivi, so I started blackmailing Priya. Nandini says what if Priya will tell Ram? Vedika says we will make sure it doesn’t happen. Nandini calls Shubham asking about Ram. Shubham says they went to hospital as Pihu ate your medicine. Nandini panicks and says they might know the reality of her medicines if they get the test result. Nurse comes to call Priya. She says doctor wants to meet you. Shubham comes there and asks for Priya. Nurse says she just went to meet the doctor. Ram stops Shubham and says you left the bottle outside. Shubham says no. Ram says don’t make excuse. Shubham says be with Pihu, I will handle the media. Ram asks who called the media. Shubham says don’t know. He goes. Krish and Sandy come. Priya says I m going to meet the doctor.

Nandini calls Shubham. He says I am looking for the doctor’s cabin. She asks him to bribe the doctor and just stop him. He says I m on it. He sees Sandy and asks her about Priya. Priya talks to the doctor and tells about Nandini’s anxiety pills. Shubham goes to Priya and lies about Pihu. Priya goes. He stops the doctor and says wait, Nandini wants to talk to you.

Priya sees Pihu fine. She sees Ram giving the coupons to Pihu. She smiles. Pihu says mumma used to give coupons to me. Ram asks her to think something good and write. Doctor comes to Priya. He says we will discuss the reports. He says pills were not of high mg, don’t worry, keep her hydrated. Priya asks Pihu not to take any medicine without telling her. Krish and Sandy come.

Krish says you scared us, are you okay. Ram says I m going to take Pihu home. Doctor says there should be someone to take care of her. Ram says Sandy, cancel my meetings. He asks Pihu are you ready for our 24 hour date. Pihu says yes. Shubham messages Nandini, that they are safe.

Adi stops Ram at the door. Nandini says its blind belief, Brinda thinks Pihu caught bad sight. Brinda says let me do this for my peace. Priya says do it well. Ram says okay. Priya says one can understand why is this happening when mind is at peace. Nandini says sorry, I will be careful, its good that dose was less, nothing happened to her. Priya recalls the doctor saying the medicines were of calcium and vitamins, Pihu is healthy, she didn’t take anti anxiety pills. Priya recalls asking the doctor to not say anything to Ram. Priya sees Nandini and thinks they are lying, they are playing a game with Ram, I have to find the truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Doctor tells Priya that Ishan come to stop me from telling the truth. Ram and Pihu fight to play. Priya tries to stop them but Ram falls on top of Priya on the bed.

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