Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th June 2022 Written Update: Vikrant proposes to Sara!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 8th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya searching for jobs thinking to earn a little extra to give Pihu a comfortable life, with Pihu’s vacations coming, she might ask me about the past 2 years and ask about her dad, then what will I tell her? Sara calls Priya and asks how is Pihu. Priya says all good. Sara shares how Pihu always talks to her. Priya and Sara talk about the bakery business and it getting orders from many clients. Sara then tells Priya about Sandy doing really well in job. Sara tells Priya about some money transfer when Priya asks Sara why she gives extra money for Pihu. Sara says I am doing that as an elder sister, you can’t stop me. Priya says we are doing well. Just then Sara hears water drop in bucket. Sara says let me complete some responsibilities of a sister, you also did so much for me in past. Sara opens the door and is shocked.

Ram comes to the bakery and is shocked to know Vikrant is there. Adi and Brinda console Ram and they also leave to support Ram. Ram gets memories of past and thinks I will kill Vikrant. Vikrant sees Priya on video call and greets her. Sara pretends like he came here by mistake but Vikrant says I came here to propose to you. Sara laughs like she is not aware. Vikrant says one day everyone will get to know. Vikrant gets on one knees and proposes. Just then Ram comes inside and is shocked.

Priya hears him and thinks Ram is here, rain got us close again. Ram thinks I knew it rain destroys everything. Ram and Priya go through all past moments. Ram asks Vikrant what is going on. Sara says he came here for an order. Vikrant stops Sara from lying. Adi and Brinda come there. Brinda also confronts Vikrant. Vikrant tells his friends about his proposal to Sara for marriage. Everyone gets shocked. Vikrant again gets on one knee and proposes. Brinda and Ram get upset. Vikrant expresses his feelings for Sara and says how he loves her. Sara gets emotional and says yes. Vikrant makes her wear the ring. Ram again goes in flashback.

Ram and Priya think about how it happened. Ram thinks Priya must be knowing and they planned it. Vikrant and Sara hug. Vikrant says sorry to Adi. Ram says you are lying, congratulations. Ram hugs Vikrant. Priya is surprised. Ram asks Vikrant if he is happy. Vikrant says yes. Ram wishes Sara congratulations. Ram is about to look in phone when Pihu cuts the call. Ram misses. Sara takes the phone. Brinda is about to get angry on Vikrant when Adi stops her. Ram tries to ask Ram about their dates. Vikrant says not decided yet. Next day, Pihu asks Priya about Sara and a man proposing her. Priya thinks about Ram. Priya is in absent mind and thinks about Ram. Pihu asks her to make her talk to Sara. Priya says after school. Brinda is upset and tells Ram how Priya and Soods will be back. Ram says nothing of that sort will happen. Here, Vikrant and Sara talk to Priya about her coming to the wedding.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya’s prison time is revealed to her land lady.

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