Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th June 2022 Written Update: Pihu and Priya get homeless!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Priya talking to Vikrant and Sara how Ram has a soft corner no matter what. Here, Ram tells his friends how he pretended to support Vikrant but he is against Sara. Ram asks his friends to behave normally infront of Vikrant and they will not let Soods come into life again. Here, Priya thinks how she wants to see Ram but at the same time doesn’t want Pihu to know about all that. Priya thinks what can she do.

Later, Priya’s students come and from Aditi’s bag alcohol bottle comes out. Priya asks him whose it is? Aditi says his dad’s. Priya understands how Aditi’s dad beat her. Priya dismisses the class and asks Aditi to stay back. Here, Ram comes home and asks Nandini if she slept and had dinner? Tarun says she did have. Nandini says yes I had, don’t worry. Nandini says how can I worry with you by my side? Today i again got that same nightmare with Shivi. Nandini starts crying, Ram says please don’t think about it, I am here for you. Ram goes.

Nandini sits infront of mirror and thinks I am bored of playing this traumatized mother role, but, I have to do it so that Ram is reminded everything how affected I am and then gives me things like I want. Nandini says so many years back we got rid of Priya now we need the property, what to do, after all everything is managed by Ram only, but soon everything will be mine.

Here, Priya talks to Aditi’s mother about her husband asking Aditi to bring alcohol or else she gets beaten. The mother avoids it and says you are mistaken. She tries to take Aditi just when, her wound gets hurt and she says let’s tell ma’am the truth.

Priya says stand up to your husband. The mother says you are trying to provoke me and my daughter, I know about your past too. She starts screaming. The neighbours come and gather. Priya tries ro avoid but the mother tells the landlady about Priya in jail. Priya tells the landlady not to say anything to Pihu, she will leave soon. The landlady say leave in next 1 hr. Priya thinks, thank god Pihu was not her.

Later, Pihu aska Priya why they are shifting so soon. Priya tries to divert it and makes Pihu believe they love travelling that’s why. Pihu gets excited. Pihu says the moon looks so good. Priya watches it and so does Ram. Priya remembers all the moments while Ram drinks and thinks about his plan. In the bar, a girl gives drink to Ram. Ram accepts it. The girl joins Ram while Ram flirts with her and flaunts his richness infront of her. Ram says I like you and you like my money, it’s perfect to start something without feelings. They agree and smile.

Here, Priya and Pihu eat food in park. Pihu and Priya eat ice cream. Priya gets happy seeing Pihu playful. Priya thinks of Ram seeing Priya. Ram gives Shweta a nickname as Meera. Ram says you can accept my name with my credit card with no limit. They leave for shopping. Priya thinks how Pihu always stays happy in less too.

Episode ends.

Precap – Priya meets Sandy and Sara who take her shopping at the same place Ram is.

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