Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 11th August 2023 Written Update: Ram and Priya unite as a couple!


Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 11th August 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Shalini getting emotional and says how can you do this? Shreya says stop it it’s all because of you, your drama, we tried so much that you die or give us the property but nothing worked, Priya also was a big hurdle for me. Sanju says what did she do, she did nothing. Shreya says we tried to add medication to your food but Priya noticed it. Shalini is shocked. Shreya says Kriti and Yuvraj also helped me but always made me fail. Yuvraj says no I didn’t she just blackmailed me. shradul says I never thought Kriti you will do this to Ram, I knew you never loved him but this? Kriti says no I did not do anything like this.

Shreya says we used these medications to kill your husband too but with you luck was on your side and we failed. Ram and Priya come. Ram says I consider this my own family, kept your needs more than and above to my own, but you proved that no one can truly stay with you and everyone is just unfaithful. Ram says if you would have asked me I would have given my wealth property everything without even thinking twice but the way you tried to harm my family, my mom, this was really not good. Ram says you all will get punished for this. Mama ji says sorry Ram. Police comes and takes them all and arrests them. Shreya says you are doing wrong.

Ram thanks Aleekha and Shradul for always being there with his family and being bestest friend he could ask for. Ram says thanks to Priya for saving my mom. Ram gets emotional. Ram says Priya also has something to tell Aleekha. Priya says I should have told this to you earlier but I thought you would be happy. Priya says Yuvraj broke up with me the day you proposed to him, he saw the money and wealth you have and chose that over me, he was with me till that time. Aleekha is shocked.

Aleekha says you thought he wouldn’t do the same to me because I have money, thanks Priya for clearing it out, for helping me. Yuvraj is asked to leave and he gets irritated and leaves. Ram says to Kriti I thought I did wrong to you but when Priya came to my life, I realised what is actually love. Kriti says but that is contract marriage. Everyone is shocked but Ram and Priya tell them how it was contract in the beginning but now they both feel for each other. Everyone praises them. Sanju gives the watch to Ram and says you really deserve this. Shalini prays to god and thanks god. Later, Ram and Priya watch the rain and spend moments together. They think how love finds you in unique ways.

Show ends.