Balika Vadhu 2 10th March 2022 Written Update: Jigar gifts Anandi white lilies


Balika Vadhu 2 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi asking Anand why he isn’t happy as he won the bet and now can get three wishes fulfilled. Anand tells he isn’t sure if he should be happy or concerned. Anandi tells him not to start with doubting Jigar. She gets annoyed and tells she will leave before they get into another argument. Anand stops her and starts flirting with her. He tells his first wish is to share chocolate brownie with her. Anandi gets shy. He keeps getting closer to Anandi but she pushes him away.

Jigar comes back home and Pintu asks him about his date. Jigar tells she was very cringy and he will never meet her again. He gets a call from Anandi. Anandi asks him reason behind cancelling the date, Jigar makes some excuses and disconnects the call. Anandi hopes that Anand’s doubts about Jigar are wrong. Next day Jigar comes to meet Anandi and gifts her white lilies wishing her for Women’s day and thanks her for making him a better and more likeable person. Anandi tells him to stop dwelling in past.

Jigar tells that in his journey from him a spoilt person to becoming company’s head, Anandi has played a big part. Anandi still insists him to forget and move forward and himself a second chance. She asks him if he brought white lilies on movie day why didn’t ge gift it to her. He makes excuses that they weren’t fresh. Anandi tells him to share if he has anything in mind and she will be always be there as a colleague and friend for him. Jigar feels upset and leaves. During meal together Diya talks rudely to Anand so Bhairavi asks her to stop adding more pain to him.

Varun calls Anandi to ask about party and indirectly asks if Bhairavi will attend. Anandi tells she will try her best to bring her to party. Anand comes to meet Anandi and shows his technical plans. She says she doesn’t understand much but it’s cool. Anand tells he actually came to give her something else. He gives her a chocolate brownie. They share romantic moment together and get close to kiss when Jigar suddenly comes there. He asks for forgiveness for entering without knocking. Jigar tells Anand that IT person is calling him for the meeting. Anand asks Jigar to knock before entering.

Anand tells Jigar to bring his own companion for party as Anandi will be busy with him. Jigar tells that Anandi never attends parties. Anand goes to Anandi and convinces her to come to party and in return she asks him to convince Bhairavi also to join the party. Anand tells Bhairavi to join and convinces her emotionally, she finally agrees. The episode ends with Anandi coming back to her home and finds a dress as gift from Anand with a lovely note and she gets happy.

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