Balika Vadhu 2 15th January 2022 Written Update: Anandi escapes from Jigar


Balika Vadhu 2 15th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi knowing from Kanku that Ratan’s jewellery is kept in locker by Jigar. Kanku agrees to help Anandi to get those back. Jigar needs some file from locker so Kanku says that she will get it. Kanku and Anandi are inside the room, Kanku gives Ratan’s jewellery from locker to Anandi. Jigar comes there and finds that door is locked from inside and finds it suspicious. Jigar knocks the door and asks Kanku to open it immediately. He keeps calling out for her.

Kanku tells Anandi that Jigar has come and panics what to do. Anandi also gets nervous. Anand is in disguise outside and wonders he has searched whole house but cannot find Anandi although he knows that she had left to come there only. Kanku comes outside with file and keys. She gives it to Jigar and asks him to give the keys to Premji. Jigar senses that she is hiding something. Jigar cross questions her about why was door locked. She says she locked it as she was opening locker and all valuable things are kept inside.

Kanku asks Jigar to go and give the file. He again asks if she is trying to hide something inside room. She tries to stop him but he forcefully enters inside room. Anandi is hidden inside the cupboard. Jigar looks under the bed but cannot find Anandi. Kanku realises Anandi’s dupatta is coming out from cupboard so she distracts Jigar. She calls him monkey and tries to joke. Jigar still finds it suspicious however he asks her to promise that if Anandi comes Kanku should not help her. Kanku says she doesn’t want to face Maadi Baa’s anger and will never do that.

Jigar leaves from room. Anandi comes out of room with her forehead uncovered. Jigar is leaving when Sejal stops him. Kanku asks Anandi to cover her forehead. While Anandi is trying to leave slowly, her foot slips and she is about to fall, Jigar holds her and her face gets uncovered. Jigar smirks and says Kanku’s face was evidence of her hiding something and he knew Anandi will come. He sees Ratan’s jewellery in her hand and asks if she came to steal. Anandi says its her right to take that jewellery. Sejal stands there watching Jigar misbehaving with Anandi.

Anand thinks how to help Anandi, he sees plate of sindoor in temple and throws it at Jigar. Jigar cannot see properly due to sindoor entering his eyes. Anandi takes advantage of the situation and runs towards the terrace. On the terrace Anandi runs but reaches a corner, Jigar reaches there too and asks how will she escape now. Anandi wonders what to do, she takes goddess name and jumps from there. Luckily she falls inside a truck which is carrying flowers. The episode ends with Anandi teasing Jigar showing Ratan’s jewellery bag and she gets happy.

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