Balika Vadhu 2 16th January 2022 Written Update: Anand helps Anandi again


Balika Vadhu 2 16th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi happily waving bye to Jigar as she leaves in the flower truck with Ratan’s jewellery. Jigar gets very angry and Sejal looks on silently. Its shown that Anand is one driving the truck, he feels happy for Anandi. Anandi starts playing with flowers as aaj me upar plays in the background. Anand looks lovingly at her as she happily enjoys her moment. Anandi stops and calls out the driver. Anand thinks he cannot talk to Anandi because of his promise to Bhairavi and doesn’t answer her.

Someone comes infront of Anand so he shouts suddenly. Anandi recognizes his voice immediately. Anandi questions Anand why is he here and why he didn’t even bid her goodbye or ask her whereabouts when she left. She keeps questioning him but he avoids to take Bhairavi’s name. They have usual banter. Anand says her to come with him as Kiara must be waiting. Anandi asks how he knows about Kiara and if he was one who sent her to help Anandi. She asks Anand if he has been helping her without her knowledge.

Anand deviates her by arguing and making fun of her. On other hand Jigar scolds the servants for being careless. He tells Kanku is one to be blamed and locks her inside the room. Sejal asks him what he is doing, Jigar tells that Kanku should be locked till Anandi returns back to their home. Anand tells Anandi that he will drop her to Kiara’s home but she tells no need. Anand pretends to leave which makes Anandi panic. However he stops and asks her to come or else people from Raigarh will come searching for her. Anandi sits with Anand in truck.

Premji tells Jigar how could Anandi take jewellery from home. He says he just dropped off Maadi Baa as she wants to do hawan for Jigar. Jigar tells him not to worry about case as the child marriage photos are at Raigarh and she won’t come there again. Premji tells that even Anand has the photos but Jigar says it won’t reach court. Usha calls Anandi and informs about getting date for hearing of next day and they need proof of her child marriage. Anandi tells that she doesn’t have pictures but will try to arrange it.

Anandi calls Anand but Bhairavi doesn’t allow him to receive it. Anandi by mistake drops glass and while picking up she cuts hurt. Kiara comes there and finds Anandi fainting. Anand comes to Kiara’s house and misunderstands that Anandi had tried to suicide. Anandi gains consciousness and clarifies everything. She asks Anand for child marriage pictures. He leaves without saying anything. Later at night Anand gives those pics to her through balloons. Anand tells Diya he wants to by Anandi’s side for hearing but cannot due to Bhairavi. The episode ends with Jigar planning to stop Anandi from reaching court.

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