Balika Vadhu 2 16th March 2022 Written Update: Anandi’s behaviour changes


Balika Vadhu 2 16th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Varun and Bhairavi having conversation. Varun asks forgiveness from her for hiding such a big truth. Bhairavi tells him that they should focus on Anandi and Anand now. Anandi comes there and all get happy. Varun folds hands and tells her sorry for not letting her know the truth. Bhairavi asks her where did she go leaving everything. Diya comes and hugs her and tells her never to leave them again. Jigar welcomes her and asks all the staff to cheer for Anandi.

Anand watches all this silently. Anandi goes to home and while making sketch starts dancing vigorously. She keeps dancing without noticing that Jigar and Diya have come to meet her. Jigar stops the music and she gets puzzled to see them suddenly. Jigar tells Diya they shouldn’t have come without calling. Diya tells all these formalities are not needed in friendship, Anandi agrees. Diya tells that Jigar and she went to eat at her favourite restaurant and thought to invite her but they knew she won’t come so that got food at home. Diya asks her if she should go and get plates or Anandi will do it.

Anandi tells that she isn’t hungry. Jigar and Diya make her agree to eat together. Diya and Jigar make plan to cheer and make Anandi smile. While eating Jigar and Diya try to crack silly jokes. Anandi doesn’t smile much. Anandi asks them if they brought all the dishes, Jigar tells they got only few signature dishes. Diya tells about a lady who was shouting at restaurant. Jigar says she was shouting because of too much chilly in her food. Diya continues saying she had ordered for chilly paneer and then complained of chillies in it.

Diya talks about friends and Anandi is drawn back to memories of her and Anand’s friendship since childhood. She gets up and goes aside. Jigar talks to her and asks her to stop torturing herself. She tells him that she is really hurt. Jigar tells her to forgive Anand. He says that Anandi has big heart and forgave Jigar after what he had done. Anandi tells it was easy to forgive him as she never loved him. However she loves Anand and even small things hurt a lot. Jigar feels hurt but doesn’t say anything.

Later at office Anandi comes in angry mood. She keeps scolding all the staffs. She hears two of them gossiping and asks about buttons for the consignment. Parul tells that she has called Mr Sharma. Anandi asks her to arrange immediately. Jigar gets a call that buttons cannot be produced in time by factory. Bhairavi cheers Anand and encourages him to fight for getting Anandi back. Anandi collides with Anand and falls in his arms. He hopes soon he can mend everything. Jigar comes and inform about getting raw material from Mr Sharma. Jigar strictly denies and tells him that they should cancel the order. The episode ends with Anandi saying they will do the deal with Mr Sharma.

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