Balika Vadhu 2 17th February 2022 Written Update: Anand cancels his engagement with Ishana


Balika Vadhu 2 17th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi celebrating valentine’s day at her boutique, Jigar looks at her. Anand sees Anandi’s bangle in his coat and thinks to return it back to her. Jigar sees red rose in vase and with lots of difficulty manages to grab one, he is moving his wheel chair towards Anandi but drops the rose mid day, Anand comes there and sees Anandi has removed the ring and feels upset. Anandi asks him what he is doing there and he should be at his engagement with his girlfriend.

Anand says he will invite whole world in his engagement. Anandi gets pissed with his words. Anandi notices Vikrant romancing Aditi in car and records it, she shows it to Diya. Diya gets utterly shocked but refuses to expose Vikrant. She says she trusts that Vikrant loves her a lot. Anand informs Bhairavi that he cannot proceed with his engagement with Ishana. He says he considers Ishana only as a friend. Anand says marriages are valueless without love so he doesn’t want to marry Ishana. Bhairavi tries to influence his decision emotionally but Mehul asks her not to push Anand.

Ishana also agrees to Anand’s decision and asks forgiveness for misunderstanding their friendship. Anand says he is confirm about his decision and won’t get engaged. Anandi asks Diya to promise her that she will do as Anandi says so that they can check if Vikrant want to change or not. Diya is hesitant but when Anandi explains she agrees. Anandi asks her to stop giving money to Vikrant. Diya agrees. Next day during breakfast Anand asks Vikrant about his business and tells about funds that Ishana gave him. Anand tells him if he needs more fund he can ask Anand.

Vikrant gets happy and tricks Anand to give him more funds. Anandi comes there so Vikrant tries to change the topic but Anand pushes him to say it. Anandi signals Diya to speak up. Diya says that Vikrant is troubling Anand by asking for fund. Anandi says that Diya that wanted to keep it a surprise but seems now she has to say it, she tells that Diya wants to join the boutique. Anandi tells that Diya wants to help Vikrant with expenses, and also secure baby’s future.

Diya tells Anand that she will manage and he doesn’t need to give any funds to Vikrant which makes him angry. He tells Diya that he will talk to her in evening and leaves. Anandi tells Diya to attach Bluetooth in her dress as she feels Vikrant will try to abuse her because of fund refusal by her. Diya is hesitant but agrees when Anandi makes her understand. Anand comes there and Anandi asks him if his engagement preparations are done. He says only Ishana’s dress is yet to be finalised. The episode ends with Anand thinking he can see Anandi feels for him so he is lying to her so that she expresses herself.

Episode Ends.

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