Balika Vadhu 2 18th January 2022 Written Update: Anandi faints due to overstress


Balika Vadhu 2 18th January 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Premji telling Jigar to stay in his limits and not to misbehave. Anandi blaming herself for not realizing that Jigar has changed pictures from her envelope. She cries badly while Anand tries to console her and tells her not to be harsh on herself. She says its her fault as she didn understand Jigar’s motive was not to stop her from coming but rather to take childhood marriage pictures. Jigar looks on as he sees them talking and then Bhairavi comes to court. Jigar smirks seeing her. He recalls how he had called Bhairavi and told her about Anand being at court with Anandi.

Jigar goes to meet Bhairavi and asks why she cannot stop her son from coming in between Anandi and Jigar. Bhairavi says if Jigar was a good husband all this wouldn’t have happened. Bhairavi says she will anyways keep Anand away from all this. Jigar tells Bhairavi its better if she does so or else he will reveal the secrets that she has been hiding from the world. Jigar tells Bhairavi that he knows that Anand is an orphan and she adopted him. Bhairavi tells that Anand already knows about this and he doesn’t need to threaten her using this.

Jigar tells but Anand doesn’t know that his real biological mother is alive and that Bhairavi send them money every month. Bhairavi gets shocked. Anandi who has been blaming herself suddenly becomes unconscious. Jigar tells his friend that Anandi is not his pyaar but his zidd and he will get her anyhow. Anand takes Anandi to his home. Diya talks to Bhairavi about what happened to Anandi. She says Anandi fainted at the court and Anand brought her here. Bhairavi gets angry when Diya asks about Anandi’s condition. Bhairavi say she has called the doctor and she will come and check. Bhairavi says that she has already called travel agency.

Bhairavi tells she cannot let Anand spoil his life because of Anandi so he needs to return back to US. She has already booked tickets and it will be here soon. Diya gets shocked to know this. Doctor tells Anand that Anandi fainted due to over stress, she says that Anandi is so young what made her have such stress. Anand says that even that this young age she is fighting a very big fight alone. Doctor advises Jigar to give a happy environment to Anandi or else her stress may convert to nervous breakdown.

Anand sits by Anandi’s side and wonders what’s happening to him. He says that if Anandi gets hurt, he feels the pain, he expresses his feelings. Anand meets Diya and tells her that he will be going to Devgarh to find some evidence for Anandi’s child marriage. Diya says this is crazy and asks if he is gonna knock each door to find out someone. Anand says if he has to do this he will do it for Anandi and the episode ends.

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