Balika Vadhu 2 18th March 2022 Written Update: Diya and Raju share cute moments


Balika Vadhu 2 18th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi setting up live for her holi campaign, no Consent, no colors. Anandi tells about them using different buttons from what they have displayed on the website. She tells how the vendor had misbehaved with one of team members of the company, she gives a motivational speech and encourages Diya to tell her story. A lot of females start sharing their personal stories too in the comments section. Diya thanks Anandi. Anandi asks her to file complaint against Mr Sharma.

Anandi calls police inspector but he asks for proofs before lodging complaint. Anandi tells about 1000s of girls who have come up during live with similar complaints against Mr Sharma. Police agrees to file case but asks them to arrange for a lawyer asap. Everyone gets ready for the holi party. Bhairavi gets ready and asks Anand why he is still not ready. He says its useless for him to go party and he wants to give time and space to Anandi which she needs. Bhairavi tries to convince him but cannot. Jigar praises Diya for smiling through everything.

Diya praises Jigar for making her herself that she wasn’t at fault. He tells friends are for this. Anandi misses Anand at party and looks around for him. Bhairavi meets her and tells her congratulations for a successful campaign. Anandi looks for Anand but Bhairavi informs her that he isn’t coming to the party. She tells she generally doesn’t speak in between her and Anand. But she is requesting Anandi to understand Anand as he is bad at expressing himself and keeps everything inside. Raju and Puttu meet Diya and wish her happy Holi. She wishes them a happy holi.

Diya gifts Puttu a princess pichkari. Puttu also gives her tiara and tells Raju to put in on her head as he is taller. Raju also hugs and kisses Diya on forehead as a gesture of liking the gift and showing his love. Diya is left surprised. She tells them she loves both of them too. Anandi calls Anand and says Diya is asking about him, she makes silly excuses to come to party. Anand cleverly denies it all. Jigar’s friend mixes Bhaang in thandai. Jigar throws it away. He scolds him for doing all this and asks him to enjoy decently or else he can leave the party.

Anandi misses Anand and hopes he will come. Anand comes there playing dhol. Anandi and Anand go to her office. He tells her to admit that it wasn’t anyone else but Anandi who was missing him, they share some close moments as Anand applies color on Anandi’s hands and face. She turns away feeling shy and embarrassed. Anandi tells she is feeling strong opposition as he has applied color to her but she didn’t. She rubs off some color off her face to apply to Anand. The episode ends with Anand telling her to first get hold of him.

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