Balika Vadhu 2 19th November 2021 Written Update: Jigar and Anand have a face-off for the final round.


Balika Vadhu 2 19th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jigar asking Anandi to quit if she doesn’t want to get mocked. Anand comes there and says him not to discourage Anandi. Jigar says him to help Anandi and leaves. Anand teaches Anandi to frame story in her minds and use rhyming words to frame her poetry. They laugh together and Anandi writes down her poetry. Bhairavi says Mehul she doesn’t want her nightmare to come true. She says she will lose her happy son if he comes to know the truth. Mehul consoles her.

At school, teacher announces the chief guests and welcomes Mehul, Bhairavi and Anand. Anandi, Kanku and Jigar gets happy to see them. Teacher tells the rules for competition. Jigar is the first to perform his poem. He says his poem is inspired by bus father as well as Mehul. He tells about being a business and making his father proud in poetry. He gets good scores. Eventually everyone performs one by one. Jigar’s team is leading and Anandi is left to perform. He asks his teammates not to worry as she cannot perform well in English.

Anandi gets nervous but Anand and her friends encourages her. She speaks very well and gets high score as a result both teams end up having a tie. Teacher says now both team needs to send one representative each for final round. Both Jigar and Anandi get chosen by their teammates. Teacher gives topic as my mother. Jigar quickly starts writing the poetry. He seems confident while Anandi just writes Baa and feel emotional as she recalls her moments with Ratan back in devgarh. She feels sad and is unable to write further. Her teammates say they did a mistake by choosing her and now they will lose.

Jigar is called to perform first. He says a nice poem on mother and gets good score. Anandi is called up next on the stage. She feels nervous. Anand tells her to focus and frame stories in her mind. Anandi almost breaks down but she starts saying her poem. She tells about how her mother is also her best friend and she misses her love and anger both. She says that no matter they are far now physically but spiritually she is always with her. She cries and says she misses her a lot. Bhairavi feels emotional hearing the poem as she misses her daughter too. Mehul and Anand console her. The episode ends with an emotional Anandi on stage waiting for the final announcement of results of the competetion.