Balika Vadhu 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Anand provokes Anandi’s emotions


Balika Vadhu 2 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anandi falling on Anand and staff comes to check if she is ok. Diya looks on. Anand tells Anandi that the flower Toran broke, but he wants everything to be perfect for Ishana. Anandi feels hurt and says she will fix it anyhow. She goes from there while Anand thinks that Anandi is definitely getting affected but wonders if she will be confessing before his marriage takes place. Anandi thinks she should be happy for Anand moving on in his life but why is she feeling so hurt.

Anandi thinks she needs to stop thinking about Anand that will be better for everyone. Diya comes there and asks Anandi whom is she talking to, Anandi changes topic and asks her if she is fine. Diya says she is fine but Anandi looks lost. She asks Anandi what’s the problem, Anandi tells about fixing the toran that had broken. Anandi is walking on road when she hears someone screaming to catch the lady who is running with their child. Anandi gets surprised to see Sheela and recalls she had come to court with Gauri during her annulment hearing.

Bhairavi tells Mehul that she is very happy and once marriage is done she will ask Ishana’s father to settle Ishana and Anand is US. This is better to keep their family safe and stop Anand from knowing truth about his birth. Anandi stops Sheela who is running with a kid in her arms. Parents of kid ask Anandi to get their child back. Anandi pacifies Sheela and calmly takes the child from her hand and gives him to his parents. Sheela cries and says she wants her child, Anandi wonders how she came from Devgarh to Ahmedabad.

Anandi asks Sheela where is Gauri and what she is doing there. Anandi thinks its not safe to leave Sheela alone and takes her to home. Ishana is deciding what to wear for engagement and Bhairavi comes there with a new dress. She thanks Ishana for making Anand agree to marry her but Ishana says she is herself confused how he agreed. Bhairavi tells Anand is like that he takes time but makes correct decisions. Anandi tells Sejal about Sheela. Sejal tells if she one who had come with Gauri to court three years back. Anandi tells she is the same. Jigar sees her and recalls hearing Bhairavi’s conversation about Sheela being Anand’s mother.

Jigar repeatedly tells Anand but Anandi fails to understand the meaning. At Mehendi ceremony Anandi feels bad seeing Ishana clinging on to Anand. Ishana tries to humiliate Anandi. Anand plans something and tells it to Diya.

Later Anand says that he wants Anandi to apply Mehendi to him. Anandi cries while doing so. Diya convinces Anandi to get Mehendi too and keeps her busy in talking. Once done Anandi gets shocked to see Anand’ name written on her hand. The episode ends with Anand teasing Anandi by saying if she wants to break his marriage.

Episode Ends.

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