Balika Vadhu 2 25th February 2022 Written Update: Anand leaves Anandi & his home


Balika Vadhu 2 25th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anand and Anandi have some sweet moments and Anandi asks him to promise that they won’t leave each other in any situation. Anand promises the same. Anand tells Anandi he was not going to marry Ishana but acted just to let Anandi vent out her feelings for him. He also asks for forgiveness for teasing her and Anandi asks sorry for making him wait for such a long time. Later Sheela is alone and Mehul comes to meet her. He makes her unconscious and thinks he will remove her forever as he doesn’t want his family to break.

Jigar comes there and sees Mehul harming Sheela. He tries to help her but Mehul says he won’t allow anyone to come in between them today and pushes Jigar off his chair. Jigar helplessly falls on floor and is unable to get up due to his paralysed condition. Mehul takes out his gun and points at Sheela. Mehul says he will kill her so that truth of her being Anand’s biological mother will die too. Anandi comes there and overhears everything. Anandi calls out for Mehul and says she never thought he can stoop so low.

Mehul gets startled by her presence and instead points the gun at her. He gets hyper and says he will kill both of them. Sheela gains consciousness and saves Anandi from the bullet Mehul had fired however Mehul shoots Sheela. Mehul agains points gun at Anandi but this time Jigar somehow manages to push him aside and save Anandi. Bhairavi and Anand comes there. Anand sees Sheela lying and calls out for her. Anandi tells him she is his biological mother. Anand recalls times when she had addressed him as her son.

Bhairavi says Mehul that she won’t repeat her mistake and will call police this time. Anand leaves from there without saying anything. Anandi gives medicine to Jigar. He somehow speaks sorry and tells Anandi to forgive for all the mistakes and pains he has given to her. Anandi tells him that she has already forgiven him and not to be guilty. She gets call from Diya, to come immediately as Anand needs her there. Anandi tells Jigar to take medicine and leaves to go and meet Anand.

Anand is packing his luggage. Anandi comes there and asks him what is he doing. She tells him that when she was in trouble, he helped her to come out of her past. Now again they will work together to get over his past. Anand tells that his past will never leave him and now he cannot give her a nice future that she deserves. He says that Anandi already has lots of problems and has suffered a lot so he doesn’t want to add more problems for her. He doesn’t accept to stay with her. The episode ends with Anand leaving Anandi and house.

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