Balika Vadhu 2 25th March 2022 Written Update: Jigar confesses his feelings to Anandi


Balika Vadhu 2 25th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Diya, Raju and Puttu having pizza and spending time together. Next day Anandi is working in office and asks Raju for her laptop, he says that she had given it to Anand as it wasn’t working. Anandi tells she will go and get it herself as she has to talk to him about something. Raju meets Jigar on the way who asks about Anandi. Raju tells him she is going to Anand’s cabin to get laptop.

Jigar goes to Anand’s cabin but doesn find Anandi there. Anand talks rudely to him and for being the reason of problems between him and Anandi. Jigar defends himself and Anand realizes Anandi hasn’t told Jigar about the problems between him and Anandi. Anand tells Jigar thank you for letting him know he and Anandi aren’t so close as they pretend to be. Anandi is taking coffee and Anand comes there, he is about to leave but she stops him. He asks her why is she having coffee. Anandi tells she just got it to smell it as smell of coffee reminds her of Anand.

Anand feels overwhelmed and goes near her. He tells he can also be always around her. Anandi says she will like it. Anand again says about the difference in their opinions and that they don’t understand each other. Anandi feels offended and tells that seems that there is nothing more to talk between them. She asks Raju to get laptop from Anand’s room. Raju tells how before Anandi had said she will herself get the laptop. Anand also leaves disappointed. Anand is lying on the bed when Bhairavi comes to meet him. He tells about going away from everything.

Anand tells how he always has to go through sufferings. He tells he left house when he came to know that he is adopted and then when he knew reality about his parents. Now again he feels Anandi has abandoned him and he wants to leave. Bhairavi consoles him and yells him all of them love him. Anand tells he really needs to rethink about his life with Anandi. He calls Varun and tells him to shift all his shares from Anandi’s company on Bhairavi’s name. He tells he wants to cut off all the connection with the company.

Varun tries to stop him but he insists that would be best in the current situation. Anandi is working till late night in office. Jigar comes to talk to her and asks what the matter. She tells about how she tries to stay happy but happiness keeps slipping away from her just like Anand. Jigar confesses that he still likes her and asks her to give him a chance and he wants her happiness. Anandi gets flashback of Jigar’s obsession towards her and freaks down. She locks herself and breakdown. Jigar tries to calm her but she tells him not to come near and the episode ends with Anandi telling that Jigar never changed but had been pretending to be friends since so long. Jigar stands helplessly.

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