Balika Vadhu 2 28th February 2022 Written Update: Anand returns back after two years


Balika Vadhu 2 28th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with time lapse of two years. Anandi is shown getting ready with her makeup. A girl is on date but get notification of Anandi’s live, she tells that she has to leave the date as she has another important date. Anandi comes live to celebrate her birthday with her online followers. She gives fashion tips and advises about outfits. Suddenly she notices someone named Anand joining her live comments. She ends the live and checks the profile again but the profile picture doesn’t have any face.

Later Anandi is at boutique and Jigar comes there. He wishes her for birthday and asks about her plans, she says she has to work or else her boss will suck her blood and teases Jigar. They click selfies together. Jigar gets a call and tells Anandi that warehouse caught fire. It has been extinguished but there is damage so he has to go and check. She insists to go along with him. Anandi says its her birthday and warehouse caught fire. Jigar says everyone blows off candle on birthday and she will extinguish fire. Anandi tells him not to joke. She notices someone on bike following their car.

Anandi and Jigar come to warehouse and gets surprised to see a party arranged for Anandi’s birthday. Anandi gets pleasantly surprised and asks Jigar if he has done this, he says he did by staying awake for whole night. Anandi meets Diya and she tells Anandi to forget Anand as it has been so long. Anandi tells even though its long she has not given up hope yet. Anandi also greets Bhairavi and thanks her for coming. Her investor also comes and greets her for birthday.

One little girl gifts card to Anandi. Her father is autistic and thanks Anandi for giving him job and shelter. Anandi tells them to have meal. Anandi feels someone around. Jigar sees Anandi and she looks lost. He calls her for cake cutting. Then all dance a bit and have fun. Later Sejal and Jigar are eating cake, she tells him party arrangements were so nice and asks if Anandi was happy. Jigar says Anandi lights up any place by her presence but she looked bit distracted today. Sejal asks him to propose Anandi but he says they are happy as friends and colleagues and he doesn’t want to lose this.

Jigar gets worried about Anandi but hesitates to call her. His friend asks him to confess to Anandi but he is reluctant because of past. Anandi wonders if profile she saw was really Anand. Her bird Meethi signals something so Anandi goes out. The same biker is standing there. Anandi gets hold of him and asks why is he stalking her. He removes helmet and is revealed as Anand. Anandi slaps him for going missing for two years. The episode ends with Anand hugging Anandi and Anandi questioning him about his leave .

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