Balika Vadhu 2 8th March 2022 Written Update: Anand gets insecure of Jigar and Anandi’s friendship


Balika Vadhu 2 8th March 2022 Written Update on

Anand finds date for Jigar The episode starts with Anandi getting ready to go to meet Bhairavi and Anand. She sees rplies on her status where all are appreciating a second chance. She gets ready and leaves. Bhairavi appreciates Anandi for always being on time, she tells Anandi her favorite Rajma Chawal is cooked, Anandi thanks her for never forgetting about it. Anand also comes there. He looks bit upset. Bhairavi asks Anandi about one of NGO cases and they talk about it. Anand keeps looking on.

Anandi tells Bhairavi that Varun is genuinely nice towards shelter home and she should talk to him as he has lots of idea to help them. But Anand interrupts her and says if Anandi is managing NGO why should Bhairavi talk to Varun. Bhairavi also tells the same and says she trusts Anandi will always do best for NGO so she requests Anandi to keep her out of it. Anandi messages Anand why he looks upset. Bhairavi realizes they are talking via messages. She tells she will take a leave as its time for group chanting session and they both have lots of things to catch up.

Diya is at club and the guy tells her its afternoon and she should not drink, she tells otherwise and convinces him to drink too. Anandi waits in Anand’s room. Picture of Anand and a girl is fallen on the floor but before Anandi can see it, Anand comes there and offers her tea. She asks him why his mood has been off. He tells that Jigar is still into her. Anand tells that Jigar had brought white lilies last night. Anandi wonders why he didn’t give her. She tells even friends can gift flowers to each other.

Anand tells about Jigar not dating anyone since two years. Anandi tells even she didn’t. Anand teases her and she falls on the bed. They spend some romantic time together and finally Anand cheers up. He says that once Jigar has a date he will feel better and can take Anandi on more dates freely. Anandi feels shy. She thinks to find date for Jigar on dating app or website. Anand and Anandi come to meet Jigar and tells him about it. They don’t let him speak anything and makes his profile. Jigar feels left out seeing Anand and Anandi again flirting.

Diya and Raju have a conversation. She explains how her life isn’t ok. She tells that she wants to give up drinking but cannot. Raju suggests her to drink milk instead of alcohol. She appreciates him for being so simple and having solution for all problems and tells she wants to become like him. Jigar comes to Anandi to talk about some file but she insists to help him find a date on the app. They start gossiping about school days and Anand comes there. He gets disappointed seeing them laughing together. The episode ends with Jigar agreeing to date one of the girls on app.

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