Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Anand to misunderstand Jigar and Anandi’s friendship.


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Voot show Balika Vadhu is showing the ups and downs in Anandi’s relationship with Anand. While they are coming close something or other drifts them apart again. Now that Jigar is determined to get Anandi back in his life, will he start playing his dirty tricks?

In the previous episode Anandi planned a romantic date for Anand. They spend cozy time together but Anand was lost. Anandi tried her best but Anand said her how she was getting reminded of Jigar everytime Anand got close to her. He assured her to take time.

Bhairavi expressed her happiness for Diya getting back to her original self but she found Anand lost. He told about how worried he was as his and Anandi’s relationship keep going in different directions.

Bhairavi assured him that all will be fine and Anandi needs more time to recover herself from martial abuse she had been through. Jigar told his friend he had realized that he loves Anandi too much to let her go. Jigar informed Anandi about a meeting in the evening. In the upcoming episodes we will see Anandi and Jigar at meeting venue and something happens.

Anand will come there and misunderstand the situation seeing them together. Anand will tell Anandi he feels that he did wrong by coming back in her life and coming between her and Jigar.

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