Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Anandi to face more troubles


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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is based on the injust social practices like superstitious beliefs, child marriage and many such unethical issues which are still faced by people. Through the life story of Anandi, we are witnessing how childhood of a little girl is being ruined by elders. Will she be able to stand up against the society?

In the previous episode Anandi said her hand is hurting and she cannot grind anymore. She showed her hands which were full of blisters. Ratan’s words encouraged Anandi and she said she will do the task. Jigar and Kalpesh encouraged her and she completed the task in time successfully. Everyone rushed towards Anandi as she fell unconscious. Doctor said she fainted due to tiredness. He got shocked to see her hands full of blisters. When Sejal told about ritual of grinding, doctor told them its against law to make little girl do such difficult task.

Khimji informed Premji about going back. Premji said him to go after Anandi recovers. Premji’s father came back home due to which their conversation is left unfinished. In the upcoming episodes we will see Anandi collides with someone on road due to which the idol she was holding is about to fall but Anandi prevents it from falling. She will ask Anandi why she was not walking carefully but Anandi will answer her back. She will say if Anandi was daughter in law of her house, she would have made her better.

Who is this new entry and how will her presence effect Anandi?

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