Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Anandi to get caught while taking Ratan’s jewellery


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Colors TV show Balika Vadhu 2 that is inspiring lots of females to fight for their rights & stand up on their own, is now showing how Anandi is struggling financially to fight her case legally. Jigar who knows about the situation, tries to take advantage of the situation by keeping the jewellery with himself as he is well aware Anandi will come to take those. On other hand Anand feels helpless as Bhairavi gave him oath of their relationship and asked not to help Anandi.

In the previous episode Kiara helped Anandi by sharing her room with her. Bhairavi’s lawyer told Anandi she cannot fight her case anymore however with her smartness Anandi found another lawyer to fight her case. Anandi wanted money for documentation and thought of getting Ratan’s jewellery from Anjarias.

Anandi entered Anjarias’ house by hiding her face and asked Kanku for help. Kanku informed her about Jigar taking those jewellery from Sejal. In the upcoming episodes we will see Anandi will get caught by Jigar. Anandi will say its her right to take Ratan’s jewellery but Jigar will chase her. Someone in disguise will help Anandi to escape but she will be left alone on the terrace with Jigar. How will Anandi save herself?

Will Anand break his promise to Bhairavi & come to help Anandi?

To know how Anandi’s journey continues stay tuned to Balika Vadhu on colors tv and voot app.