Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Diya finds happiness in Puttu and Raju


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Voot show Balika Vadhu is showing Anandi’s love story, while Anandi had decided to take a break from relationship with Anand but with all his support and clearing the misunderstanding they are coming back closer again.

In the previous episode Anandi set up live for her holi campaign, no Consent, no colors. Anandi told about them using different buttons from what they have displayed on the website. She told how the vendor had misbehaved with one of team members of the company, she gives a motivational speech and encouraged Diya to tell her story.

Diya praised Jigar for making her her realize that she wasn’t at fault. Anandi missed Anand at party and looked around for him. Diya gifted Puttu a princess pichkari. Puttu also gave her tiara and told Raju to put in on her head as he is taller. Raju also hugged and kissed Diya on forehead as a gesture of liking the gift and showing his love. Diya was left surprised. She told them she loves both of them too.

Anand came there playing dhol. Anandi and Anand go to her office. He told her to admit that it wasn’t anyone else but Anandi who was missing him, they shared some close moments as Anand applies color on Anandi’s hands and face. She turned away feeling shy and embarrassed. Amidst holi will Anandi and Anand finally become one again?

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