Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: How will Anand and Anandi resolve their issues?


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Voot show Balika Vadhu is showing problem arising in Anandi’s love life as she doesn’t want to break her friendship with Jigar but Anand is insisting her to do so.

In The previous episode Anand asked Diya about Jigar in the past two years. Diya told about how he had been there for Anandi unconditionally at her lowest. Anandi met Anand and they sorted out. Anandi told him about her meeting with Jigar at the cafe at night. Anand told he will pick her after the meeting is done and spend time with each other. While placing one of cartons by standing on chair, Raju stumbled and fell but Diya helped him on time.

He thanked her for saving him and not laughing at him like others always do. Diya called him special and lovable too. Jigar told Anandi that he had invited her for dinner and he already mailed her about meeting being cancelled. Anandi held his hand and tells its her mistake not his. Anand saw them.

Anandi and Anand had argument about Jigar and he her that she doesn’t give importance to their relationship
Diya went to meet Puttu and Raju and makes dinner plans with them. Raju kissed Diya on cheek and she smiles. Pinkesh told Jigar to confess his feelings to Anandi. Jigar was afraid of losing her friendship. Anandi came to meet Jigar and asks him forgiveness for ruining the dinner and leaving him alone at the cafe.

What will happen next in Anandi’s life?

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