Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: How will Jigar feel seeing Anandi at party?


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Voot show Balika Vadhu, is going through interesting turns as Anandi and Anand are constantly coming closer but Jigar is still not able to move on and keeps getting hurt. On other hand Diya and Raju have developed a friendship and Varun is constantly trying to win Bhairavi’s heart!

In the previous episode Anand felt insecure of Jigar cancelling his date. However he and Anandi later spent some romantic moments. Jigar came to meet Anandi and gifted her white lilies wishing her for Women’s day and thanked her for making him a better and more likeable person. Anandi told him to stop dwelling in past.

Anandi insisted him to forget and move forward and himself a second chance. She asked him if he brought white lilies on movie day why didn’t ge gift it to her. He made excuses that they weren’t fresh. Varun asked Anandi about Bhairavi attending the party.

Anand told Jigar to bring his own companion for party as Anandi will be busy with him. Jigar told that Anandi never attends parties. Anand went to Anandi and convinced her to come to party and in return she asked him to convince Bhairavi also to join the party. Anand told Bhairavi to join and convinces her emotionally, she finally agreed. Anandi came back to her home and found a dress as gift from Anand with a lovely note.

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