Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Will Anandi forgive Anand?


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Colors TV’s popular show Balika Vadhu sets its marks high with the help of its amazing storyline.

In today’s episode, we saw that Madiba, Sejal, Anandi and Kanku came to Ahmedabad. They came here to attend the engagement of Bhervi’s daughter. Also, Madiba plans to get Kanku’s engagement done in the same city because the people of the town do not know about her story ten years ago. While Anandi is standing near her dream college. She wants to complete her studies here. She saw one boy in the college talking to a girl. He is Anand only. Anandi feels that Anand is yelling at a girl. She starts scolding him. But the girl tells her that this boy is her brother and was not scolding her but solving her problem. Realizing the mistake, she apologizes to him and leaves from there.

Next, she came to Bhervi’s house. Bhervi was happy to see her. He asked her to go to Dipti’s room. Anandi is about to go to her room but Jigar holds her hand. He misbehaves with Anandi which upset Anandi.

In the coming episode, we will see that Anand will meet Anandi. He will be happy to meet her. While Jigar will be irked seeing Anand. He will ask Anand to stay away from Anandi as Anandi no longer considers him as a friend. Anand will give him advice that he should keep quiet because he does not have the right to speak in Anandi’s case.

Now, what will happen next? Will Anandi forgive Anand?

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