Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Will Jigar come in between Anand and Anandi?


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Voot show Balika Vadhu, which is now focusing on Anandi’s new journey showing how she has established herself through her hardwork and talent. Anand who is back after two years is really shocked to know that Jigar has been forgiven by Anandi. While also new angles have been introduced as Varun is trying to win Bhairavi’s heart. Diya has become a party addict after the miscarriage. Amidst all how will everyone get their perfect end ?

In the previous episode Anandi thought to call Bhairavi to office so that she can meet Varun but she failed as Bhairavi sent Anand instead so that he can meet Anandi. Anandi and Anand spent some time together. During meeting the investor questioned Anandi’s martial status. When Anandi tells her marriage is over, he assumed that she had divorce. Jigar said about annulment of marriage and said she had left her husband because he wasn’t deserving.

Anandi cancelled the meeting. Jigar asked her forgiveness but she said both of them were victims. Anandi met Anand and they were laughing together when Jigar came there, Anand questioned about his presence. Anandi told he was her business head. Anand complained to Bhairavi about Jigar being dangerous. But she told him he had changed in two years.

Will Anand’s fear come true?

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