Balika Vadhu 2 Upcoming Story: Will Kanku and Madhav reach home before getting caught?


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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is currently showing how Kanku impulsively decides to run away from with help of Anand. However Madhav doesn’t accept her decision and tells her to return back. While Jigar to knows about Anand helping Kanku decides to use this against Anand.

In the previous episode Kanku managed to escape from house with help of Anand who saved her from getting caught by Sejal and Anandi during midnight. After reaching Madhav’s house, Kanku got shocked to know he was not willing to run away with her as families would be involved. He took her along to drop her back to her home. At home Anandi felt uneasy and wanted to check upon if Kanku was sleeping well.

Anand tricked Anandi by his words and didn’t allow her to enter Kanku’s room. Both of them had chocolate milk and made friendship promise which was witnessed by Jigar who got annoyed by it. In the upcoming week we will see ten years leap. While Jigar will be shown as possessive of Anandi, Anand will enter as a new hope for her. How will the dynamics of relationship change through these years?

Will Anandi be trapped in child marriage or will be able to make herself free from it?

To know more stay tuned to Balika Vadhu on colors tv and voot app.