Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th August 2022 Written Update: Manini support Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 11th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manini saying she understands her fear and doubt but I’m doing it for Yuvan’s happiness. Devraj asks when she started caring for Yuvan. Manini says the stepmother also can do good for her son. She says welcome home Banni Yuvan Rathod. She tells everyone that they have to accept this marriage. She performs Aarti to them. She asks Banni to enter the house by kicking Kalash.

Banno sees Devraj. He signs her to do it. Banni is about to enter but Yuvan stops her and checks the Kalash and Kumkum water. Charmi mocks them. Banni rebukes her. She holds Yuvan’s hand. His hand color applies to his hand. Yuvan says his Gruh Pravesh will happen along with Banni. Banni kicks the Kalash and enters inside with Yuvan by leaving her red foot marks. Devraj feels happy.

Veer asks Manini why she is welcome Banni. They are not understanding anything. Manini asks them to follow her. She leaves. Veer says Manini is planning something. Everyone looks on. Sulekha and Manini explain the Thaali ritual to Yuvan and Banni. Yuvan and Banni remove plates without sound. Manini signs Viraj to smile.

Yuvan notices Banni is not able to hold Thalis. He goes to help her but she denies it. During the struggle, plates fall on the ground. Charmi says it proves Banni and Yuvan won’t have understanding. Yuvan creates music through plates. Banni says our relationship is special and music is part of it and I don’t want to have any issues with anyone here and I want to be good with anyone but if anyone tries to disturb my business and trouble Yuvan then along with my love and affection.

Yuvan says Banni is danda is free. They try to give hifi. He falls on Viraj. Viraj throws him and mocks Yuvan and calls Banni a waste. Banni warns him to call Yuvan Aap, not Tu. She says whoever is younger than him has to address him as Aap. Manini agrees and tells everyone to follow Banni as Yuvan’s respect is Banni’s respect so talk with Yuvan with respect. Devraj thinks how Manini is acting sweet. Banni also suspects Manini’s love and respect.

Manini tells Banni that she has to place the Diya in all corners of the home which will remove darkness from her life and she has only love and light in her life. Yuvan seems scared seeing them. Banni signs him to be her eyes. She asks Yuvan to accompany her. Yuvan goes with her. They place Diya in front of Yuvan and Banni’s mother’s photos. Flower drops from Yuvan’s mother’s photo. Yuvan and Banni feel happy and take it as a blessing. Yuvan makes Banni wear it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni will try to wake up a person who is sleeping on the floor assuming Yuvan. She asks him to sleep in bed but she gets shocked to see someone. Yuvan will tell her he sends him to sleep in the room. Viraj and Charmi will mock Banni saying the groom has to be in suhaagrat but their marriage is unique so Banni has to spend with Worker. Banni cries badly.

The episode starts with Vishnu warning Yuvan that he won’t leave him if he makes her sister cry. Yuvan asks why you’re warning me. My room is big so you can come with us too. Local people say they won’t even drink water at Ladke wale’s home. Yuvan asks Ladke wale is that bad. Devraj and Sulekha say that Yuvan said correctly, that in a relationship both are equal so these rules are not needed. Devraj sees Banni’s aunt and uncle in the car.

Manini goes to Pratik’s room and tells him your sister got defeated and I failed to fulfill my promise. She recalls how Devraj accused her Dad for cheating who is a business partner of him, which cause her Dad to burn the house in depression. Manini thinks Devraj is the reason for my parent’s death and I saved my brother from a fire accident but he falls in the stone and becomes mentally imbalanced.

Devraj gives money to Banni’s aunt and uncle. Banni vidaai gets happen. Manini tells Pratik that until now everything happen according to my plan but Banni ruined it. Pratik says I forgave you but we need to end that night which is eating me. He goes to his drawing on the wall and gets hyper.

Manini calls Doctor. They make him sleep by giving injection. Manini promises his brother that she doesn’t accept the defeat and I will make you get all the property and you can take Yuvan’s room and his toys and Yuvan will be shifted here and your story on will be removed and Yuvan will draw his story on this wall. She says The Rathods don’t know about me and they have to face my worst side.

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