Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th November 2022 Written Update: Kabir threatens Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 12th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Kabir drinking poison. Banni gets shocked and says he can’t do it. Kabir says she has only 30 minutes to save her Yuvan. He locks himself in a room. Banni requests him to open the door. Kabir says he will open the door if she brings Tulika and makes her agree to marry him otherwise Yuvan will die and you have only 30 minutes. Banni pleads with him to not harm Yuvan. Kabir says it’s in your hand as an antidote is in my pocket and if you fulfill my demand then I will save Yuvan by drinking it otherwise Yuvan will die along with me. Banni runs out in fear to search for Tulika.

Devraj requests Agastya to marry Banni and fulfill her dreams. Banni thinks about where to search Tulika. She goes on her bike and enquires passerby people showing Tulika’s photo but they say they didn’t see her. Banni calls Agastya. She gets worried when he didn’t attend her call. She calls the clinic and gets to know Tulika didn’t go to the clinic. Devraj asks Agastya to answer him. Agastya says they have to think about what Banni wants. The tattoo artist writes Tulika’s name on Kabir’s hand. Banni collapses on the floor shouting Tulika’s name and she is near the shop where Tulika falls unconscious and enquires the people.

The shop owner thinks to eat food and closes the shop. Kabir thinks the world will remember his love. Banni sees mike with the auto vendor. She takes the mike and announces that she is searching for Tulika. Agastya says they need to know what Banni wants. Devraj says he will make Banni agree. Agastya says rethink your decision as it may ruin your relationship with Banni and my friendship with her. Devraj says he just wants Banni’s happiness and the time came to end Yuvan and Banni’s relationship. He sits holding his chest. Agastya goes to get water.

Kabir’s condition gets deteriorates because of poison intake. He calls Banni to know if she is bringing Tulika. Banni requests him to not harm Yuvan. Kabir says you have only 15 minutes and Yuvan wants to live but I won’t let him. Banni requests Yuvan to come out for his Banni. Yuvan comes out.

She asks him to drink an antidote in his pocket. Yuvan notices in his picket but Kabir overpowers him and warns her to bring Tulika. Banni prays to Shiv Ji for help. Some light falls on her face. She notices it’s Tulika’s ring. Banni notices the shop is closed and Tulika may be inside it. Banni tries to break the shop door. Raj creates a scene and doesn’t let Banni open it. Banni pours chili powder into Raja and his men’s eyes then she breaks the lock of the shop.

Tulika gains consciousness. Banni opens the shutter and notices Tulika. Banni makes her drink water and asks her what happened. Tulika tells her how she falls unconscious while hiding from Kabir. Banni requests her to agree to marry Kabir to save her Yuvan. Tulika looks on. They go to Banni’s house. Tulika and Banni knock on the door and asks Kabir to come out but Kabir is in an unconscious state.

Episode ends.

Recap – Banni will ask Agastya in which right he holds her hand. He looks on. She says you came to save me every time with all the right and you want me to have a good life. Banni will ask Agastya will you marry me.

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