Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th July 2022 Written Update: Banni ties Raja to a pole and humiliates him


Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manini giving Banni Rs10000 for taking care of Yuvan. Banni takes the money and does the warding off evil eye ritual and gives the money to Viraj and tells him to distribute to the poor in the name of Yuvan. Banni gives Myra the khichdi and tells her to give it to Yuvan.

Myra asks Banni if she was the one who gave him Malai Vala milk. Banni says yes. Myra shares her doubts with Banni and tells Banni how Yuvan is acting weird yesterday and today. Banni says we sent the blood for the test right. We will know when the report comes.

Manini and Yuvan get in the car. Banni thinks she has to buy vegetables. Hemanth calls Myra and she goes. Yuvan sees Raja and calls Banni and says Bhoot. Yuvan shows Raja and tells he is Bhoot. Banni thinks of what Yuvan said yesterday and comes to the Raja is the one who tried to take her honor.

Banni goes to ask Raja is he the one who attacked her yesterday. Banni says Myra saw him. The Goon beside Raja gives him away. Banni takes the frying pan and starts hitting them with the frying pan. Banni starts humiliating and tells all the people in the street of what he did to her yesterday. Banni says she will today what she will do with these kind of people. Banni ties Raja to a pole. From now on he is no more Raja as his reputation is in the drain and he is going to have a new name and writes it on his forehead.

Banni says this is how we should treat people who try to take advantage of women. All the women start beating him up. The police come and Banni tells to the police that he admitted infront of everyone that he came into our house and tried to rape me. Raja warns she made a mistake and she is going to pay for it.

Archana makes sure of the arrangement. Charmi and her mother in law argue and talk about the designer that she prepared. An old lady praises her for what she did to Raja. Banni says this praise should go to Yuvan who saved her.

Devraj gives rs 350000 to Banni’s Mamisa. Devraj asks now Raja is not going to make trouble for Banni right. Mamisa says now we will not let him. Mamisa thanks Devraj. Banni comes and sees she thinks she saw her Mamisa. Archana takes Myra in the car. Banni sees Devraj when the car goes away.

Episode ends.

Precap – Manini will give the report that came to Hemant and says our Yuvan is fine and she drinks tea. Banni and Devraj will see that Yuvan is with Niyati. Banni talks about Yuvan. Prabhu who took Viraj’s blood asks if his name is also Yuvan. Banni asks what is he talking about. Prabhu shows Viraj and tells them his name is also Yuvan right I took his blood yesterday. Banni and Devraj will know the truth.

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