Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th August 2022 Written Update: Manini conspires against Banni and Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni trying to take off her hair pin but she couldn’t and goes to find Myra. Yuvan asks Banni where she is going. Banni tells Yuvan she was not able to take her hairpin off so she is going to find Myra. Yuvan says he can help her. Banni says there is no need. Yuvan insists and helps her. When Yuvan helps her he smells Banni’s hair.

Banni asks Yuvan what is he doing. Yuvan says you put on coconut oil right. He says his mother used to make coconut barfi and asks Banni to make it tomorrow. Yuvan says he will go to the other room to tell his mom about it. Banni says she will join. When they enter the room Yuvan sees that his mother’s photo is on fire. Banni tries to stop Yuvan but Yuvan asks Banni to save her mother. Devraj, Manini, and Viraj come and they hold Yuvan. Banni takes a jug of water and throws the water to stop the fire. Devraj asks how did the fire start.

Manini says Banni put Diya near the photo right it might have happened because of that. Yuvan asks Banni how can you do that and blames Banni for the fire. Devraj says she might not have done intentionally and stops Yuvan. Banni also apologizes to Yuvan and says from next time something like this will not happen. Yuvan remembers what Devraj said. And says his mom might be angry on him. Banni asks Yuvan why will her mom be angry. Yuvan is about to tell the reason but Devraj hugs and tries to stop him. Manini sends Banni to handle Yuvan.

Banni helps Yuvan to sleep. Banni thinks why did Yuvan act like that and said his mother might be angry with her and decides to talk to Devraj about it.

Manini sees the footage of Devraj and Yuvan talking. Yuvan says he has taken a promise that he is not going to marry Banni on his mother so he goes to try to talk to Banni but Devraj doesn’t allow him and tells him to do what he says. It is later shown that the photographer’s accidentally recorded this video when they are talking about it Manini hears them and tells them not to delete anything and asks them to give the footage to her. Manini conspires a plan against Banni.

Viraj takes toy from Yuvan when he is sleeping and wakes Yuvan up. Yuvan wakes up and see that his Bunty toy is outside and goes to get it. Charmi and Viraj talk about Yuvan’s mom photo being on fire. Charmi says these things only happen when somebody lied or someone has broken his or her promise. Viraj says whatever happens it is not their problem and go away. Yuvan thinks his mom is angry with him that’s why his mom’s photo is burnt. Yuvan goes to Devraj room to talk to him about it. Viraj says to Manini their plan worked.

Yuvan goes to Devraj and hugs him and tells him his mom might be angry with him and he shouldn’t have married Banni. Devraj convinces Yuvan that his mother will never be angry with him. Yuvan asks Devraj to bring a new photo of her mother tomorrow and asks Devraj to not to tell Banni what they talked about. If she hears it then she might be thinking about it and she might have headache. He says he can’t see her like that and goes away. Yuvan goes to his room and sleeps beside Banni. Manini talks to herself and says this is just a breeze and it scared him this much then think what will happen when there is cyclone the whole story will change we just need to work hard a little more.

Episode ends

Yuvan will go to into the bathroom to brush his teeth but he accidentally sees Banni taking a bath.

Yuvan will tell Banni that he told everyone that he saw her when she is talking a bath. Viraj and Charmi laugh and comment on their relationship saying their relationship is quite unique in a sarcastic way.

The episode starts with Banni asking Viraj to leave the room telling him she can see what’s he trying to do. Manini asks everyone to leave. Everyone leaves. Manini sends Yuvan to brush his teeth. Manini says to Banni it’s advice from me, I agree that you’re the protector of Yuvan but now you’re his wife and you have more responsibilities as Yuvan doesn’t know about anything about this relationship so make him know the duties of the husband otherwise house people will think what’s your motive behind the marriage so think about it carefully. She leaves. Banni thinks the first time she doesn’t have answers and I’m become alone mom, if you’re with me then you may advise me what I need to do. She cries badly recalling her childhood moments with her mother.

Hemant drinks wine. Manini says I know you’re upset but you need to take a rest. She takes the glass from him. Hemant says she didn’t do all these things if she cares for him. Manini says Yuvan is happy with Banni and I’m doing it for the family so understand. Hemant says it’s tough to see Banni’s face daily in their house. He holds her hand. She feels pain. He notices she is hurt. He asks her what happened. She recalls how her brother hurt her. Hemant goes to get her ointment.

Banni explains to Yuvan that no one can enter the wife and husband’s room. Yuvan says he will complain to Devraj as he didn’t want to be in a room where no one comes. Banni tells him it’s only for nights. Yuvan feels happy. He tells her he is sleepy. He sleeps in the bed and calls Banni to sleep. Banni feels nervous and sits in the bed. Yuvan asks her why there is a rule that no one can enter the wife and husband’s room at the night. Is there any secret work happen between them? Banni looks nervous. He tells her he will get to know it from Dadu. Banni tells him she will explain to him and asks him to not ask anyone.

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