Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th August 2022 Written Update:


Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th August 2022 Written Update on

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The episode starts with Banni trying to take off her hair pin but she couldn’t and goes to find Myra. Yuvan asks Banni where she is going. Banni tells Yuvan she was not able to take her hairpin off so she is going to find Myra. Yuvan says he can help her. Banni says there is no need. Yuvan insists and helps her. When Yuvan helps her he smells Banni’s hair.

Banni asks Yuvan what is he doing. Yuvan says you put on coconut oil right. He says his mother used to make coconut barfi and asks Banni to make it tomorrow. Yuvan says he will go to the other room to tell his mom about it. Banni says she will join. When they enter the room Yuvan sees that his mother’s photo is on fire. Banni tries to stop Yuvan but Yuvan asks Banni to save her mother. Devraj, Manini, and Viraj come and they hold Yuvan. Banni takes a jug of water and throws the water to stop the fire. Devraj asks how did the fire start.

Manini says Banni put Diya near the photo right it might have happened because of that. Yuvan asks Banni how can you do that and blames Banni for the fire. Devraj says she might not have done intentionally and stops Yuvan. Banni also apologizes to Yuvan and says from next time something like this will not happen. Yuvan remembers what Devraj said. And says his mom might be angry on him. Banni asks Yuvan

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