Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th July 2022 Written Update: Banni reveals the real story of her mom.


Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Manini telling that Banni’s mother is a rich man’s mistress and after the rich man had his fun with her he left her. Banni breaks the glass hearing what Manini said about her mother. Hemanth takes Banni’s name and warns her. Banni tells it is the truth that my mother used to make food in marriage but she never sold her body.

The rich man that you said used to stalk my mother later it didn’t work and he started scaring her and one day he abducted her infront of everyone but no one came to save her. After three days we found her dead body on that day a new Banni took place. This Banni will never allow a rich person act like he wants. When I had my cremated there is also a fire in my heart that I never let it go away. Today there are a lot of woman who works here and you know how men act.

. She explains what happens in the real world and she says to think whatever they want but my mother’s real story is my inspiration. Banni says she will come here no matter what she does and says her catch phrase. Devraj praises her and says he will be with her. Everyone also claps for her and Banni goes along with Band Baja.

Viraj and Charmi bring Yuvan to his room. Viraj says it would have been good if he was conscious them he would have seen how his Banni has been humiliated. Viraj says still we can have entertainment. Charmi asks how. Veeraj shows pepper spray and sprays it on Yuvan’s eyes. But Yuvan doesn’t even blink. Charmi, Manini and Niyati cough. Manini asks him to stop and says we are going to get all the money and he also has to look good in the photos after all it is his marriage. Viraj agrees.

Devraj tries to call Banni but it doesn’t go. Hemanth says what Manini did this time is wrong but what Banni did is right. I think she brought those Basti vale to show us that she can come when she wants and leave. Anyway what happened is good from now on Banni will not come here.

Banni thinks of what happened in Rathor mansion and in her past and she beats a drum in anger. Banni remembers what her mother said that she should fight with the world. She thinks of what happened with her after her mother died. Banni beats the drum thinking of what happened.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sulekha will ask Devraj Banni has taken Yuvan’s blood sample but whether the report will come to us or not. Devraj says tomorrow is Yuvan’s marriage how can we stop it.

Viraj will tell to Manini that he heard that Banni is going to come tomorrow. Manini says Banni will not come tomorrow. Banni to shown to have fallen into Vishnu hands after being tired by beating the drums.

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