Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Update: Viraj and Charmi scare Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan looking at himself in the mirror and sees himself in weird shapes and gets scared. Then he remembers what his mother said that if someone breaks a promise their face will look weird. Viraj and Charmi seeing this laugh at him.

Banni sees that Kalash needs some cleaning and she goes to do it but Devraj stops her and says there are servants for it. Banni says she will do it and Devraj explains to Banni that new daughter in law’s Mehandi is more precious than a pearl. Devraj calls a servant and tells him to clean this Kalash. Banni thinks “Devraj is not even letting me do anything how can I say I have to cook for my customers also.”

Yuvan thinks of what happened and when he goes to his room he sees that his mom’s photo is missing and gets hysterical about it.

Veer and Alpana talk about Banni’s character and say she will do anything to get the property. They try to humiliate Banni’s talking so that she can hear what they say about her character. Yuvan says to his mom not to get angry. When Lights go on and off. He gets scared. Yuvan shouts his mom’s name. Viraj and Charmi think their plan is working. Banni gives an apt reply to Alpana and Veer. She says things like these are only talked about when someone has to stop the other person from moving forward. Yuvan is shown to be thinking of him breaking his promise.

Manini advises Banni and says in a relationship there are up and downs and you still haven’t seen them. Mannini asks Banni does she love Yuvan so much that she can forgive him for all his faults. Banni says what her mother said to her and says “you only marry someone who can love you a lot. If he does a mistake then it will also be mine right and infront of love all these mistakes are small”. Yuvan asks his mom for forgiveness. Banni gives Aarthi to God.

Yuvan comes downstairs and talks to Devraj. Yuvan talks about the promise. Devraj says not to talk about the promise infront of others. Yuvan talks about what he saw and felt. Devraj asks Yuvan if he saw a horror movie on his mobile phone and got scared. Yuvan pisses himself in the pants. Manini calls Shankar and tells him to clean it. Alpana stops him and says Banni should clean it. Viraj seconds it.

Devraj says how can she do that. Charmi says it is her responsibility so why can’t she do that. Banni goes to Yuvan and takes the cloth and bucket from Shankar. Yuvan doesn’t let Banni to clean. Banni says “why not when I am sick on the bed and piss myself will you not clean it”. Yuvan says he will clean it. Banni says now it’s her turn. Viraj comments on it. Banni says “you can see dirt and I can see fear in my husband. And she says she can clean it from the floor and also from Yuvan’s heart”.

Episode ends

Precap – Banni will get worried about her deliveries. Alpana says to the servants that Banni deliveries will not be delivered. Banni sees all her deliveries are still here. Manini thinks in Mooh dikhayi ka rasam Banni will be insulted.

The episode starts with Banni waking up from her sleep. She smiles and takes her hair from Yuvan’s hand. The servant serves her tea. Banni asks how she knows her choice. Servant says Yuvan informed them. Banni smiles. Manini sees arrangements for Muhdikayi. Devraj sees Manini and thinks she is planning something against them.

Banni goes to take bath. She notices there is no lock so thinks to take bath before Yuvan wakes up. Hemant sees Manini taking out Vandana’s dress. He asks why she took it out. Manini says she is planning to give it to Yuvan’s wife. Hemant leaves saying he doesn’t know what she is doing.

Yuvan goes to the bathroom to brush his teeth but he accidentally sees Banni taking a bath. Banni hides herself using an umbrella. She asks him to give her a dress. Yuvan asks her to take bath in front of him as he does in front of workers. Banni warns him to leave. He leaves. Banni wears a bathrobe. Yuvan hugs her from the back and teases her saying puppy shame. Banni shouts at him to leave. He leaves.

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