Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 Written Update: Raja poisons Banni’s food


Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan waking up and seeing that he has a wound on his hand. Devraj tries to call Banni but she doesn’t pick up. Yuvan asks Devraj hi did he get hurt. Devraj asks if he doesn’t know. Yuvan says no. Devraj says he will bring medicine and gives him the phone and says to pick it up when she calls. Yuvan agrees.

Banni waits for Yuvan’s report. Manini gives Palak a necklace and tells her to wear it. Banni looks for her phone. Vishnu tries to call her phone. Banni tells him to call Prabhu and asks for Yuvan’s report. Mamisa brings the message that someone left at her doorstep. Banni sees the letter and in it is written there is poison mixed in her food today. Tells her to save her customers. Banni thinks of who can do it.

Raja is shown to steal the phone of Banni and he tells his friends to trap Banni from coming to Yuvan’s marriage she gave him a lot of money. Now Banni has to go to every person’s home to stop them from eating as there is no phone on her. Yuvan tries to call Banni. The phone falls and the call connects and Yuvan hears Raja Bhai Banni’s phone and the call cuts.

Devraj calls Vishnu to talk to Banni and when Banni says her phone is missing Yuvan says what he heard and cuts the call. Banni understands Raja Bhai is the one who mixed poison in her food. Mamisa asks so you are saying you should trust the mental one. Banni says he is not that smart to tell a lie. Banni says she will go to stop the customers from eating.

Banni talks to her customers and says this Raja Bhai’s doing. Vishnu brings the lunch that she gave to the customers. Prabhu comes with the report and he says Yuvan is getting a high dose of medicine with which he might even die. Banni dreams as if she got a call from Devraj that Yuvan’s heart stopped. After Vishnu gives the phone she calls Devraj and says what is in the report. Devraj falls on the floor hearing it. Devraj sees that Manini gives the medicine. After Hemanth and Manini go he goes to Yuvan and makes him vomit in the sink.

Yuvan vomits the pill. Meanwhile, when Viraj and Manini go to Yuvan’s room they don’t find him. Viraj sees that Devraj’s phone is ringing and takes it and gives it to Manini. Manini sees there are a lot of calls from Vishnu. When Yuvan and Devraj come from the washroom. Devraj searches for his phone. He also asks the servant to find it. Meanwhile, the customers argue with Banni.

Episode ends.

Precap – When the servant to spill the juice on him Yuvan acts as usual and Manini and Viraj see that. When they go and see Yuvan’s hand they understand someone took his blood for test. Manini will call Raja and says Banni should not come to this marriage. Raja says she will not come. Banni is shown to be arguing with customers. Manini says we cannnot give him anymore pills now Devraj knows that we are giving him pills. Viraj says even now or in the future someone will know right.

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