Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th September 2022 Written Update: Yuvan declines Manini’s request


Banni Chow Home Delivery 19th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan saying to Manini that Agastya doesn’t allow him to sing but see mom I will become a singer for sure. Manini says I want to cry as you may feel bad about this insult. Banni informs everything to Devraj. Devraj says how can Agastya do in this way? I will talk with the organizer. Banni asks him to not talk as Agastya may feel Yuvan got the opportunity to sing because of you. Devraj asks what’s she thinking to do. Banni says I won’t leave this competition in the middle. She says Yuvan may be informed to Manini about it and doesn’t know what’s she plotting to stop Yuvan.

Manini asks him to stop becoming a singer. Yuvan says you used to say in childhood that you want me to become a singer then why you’re saying in this way? Manini says you’re married and now you grew up so I don’t want you to get insulted so come to the office with me. Yuvan says no it won’t happen as I want to make Banni happy by becoming a singer. Manini thinks I have to stop Banni from flying otherwise she may let Yuvan fly which I don’t want to happen.

In the kitchen, Banni thinks about how to make Yuvan sing in front of Agastya. Manini comes there and says she can’t make Yuvan a singer so stop dreaming about it. Banni says I won’t leave in the middle until it happens. She leaves. Manini thinks to make Yuvan walk in her way.

In the room, Yuvan notices Banni is looking stressed. He stops Banni and closes her eyes then he makes her keep her hand in her heart. Yuvan asks her to forget her tension using his technique. He says she will get ideas to make him a singer if she thinks without tension. Myra calls Banni and tells her that she finds Agastya’s location and she asks them to rush to his live location which she is sending them.

Manini tells Viraj that she won’t let Yuvan become a singer then he will go out of her hands. She asks Viraj to keep an eye on Yuvan and Banni. Banni tells Yuvan that they are playing hide and seek. She notices Yuvan is outside and he may inform Manini. Yuvan says they may be out in the game if Viraj catches them.

Charmi says you guys won’t get defeated as Charmi is in your team. She assures Banni that she will stop Viraj and tells Banni you saved me from Manini and I wish to change my husband like you. Banni smiles. Charmi distracts Viraj with her cozy performance and takes him to the room. That time Yuvan and Banni escape from the house. Agastya shoots for rocking star promo. Director says to pack up. The heroine of shoot asks Agastya to come with her fir a coffee. Rajan comes there with coffee. Agastya says you know that I hate it. Heroine gets her answer and leaves. Yuvan plays Guitar behind a curtain.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan sings behind the curtain. Agastya says this voice should be in rocking star competition. Yuvan comes in front. Banni reminds Agastya’s challenge and asks him to give chance to Yuvan.

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