Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st August 2022 Written Update: Banni decides to stay away from Yuvan


Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maamisa saying to Banni that they came here when Devraj told them and the world is busy gossiping that the daughter followed her mother’s footsteps. Banni gets shocked. She says nothing happened between them. Yuvan explains the same. He tells Devraj that Banni is not forgiving him.

Banni says who clicked this photo and who wants to defame me. Maamisa says it hardly matters as the world is trusting this photo and the world is seeing your relationship with Yuvan like a relationship between Boy and girl. No matter what you say but people trust photos. Banni asks Dadu to trust her, she says nothing happened between her and Yuvan. Devraj says he trusts her.

Maamisa says Yuvan’s confession in front of Devotees is giving strength to this photo and we can’t bear the insults again. One day Teej spoiled your mom’s life and now it’s your life so marry Yuvan to avoid this disgrace. Banni says no, no such thing happened between me and Yuvan. She leaves. Yuvan follows her.

Maamisa tells Devraj that they are the ones who clicked Banni and Yuvan’s intimate photos and circulated them to fulfill his wish. Devraj says I asked you for help not this kind of conspiracy. Won’t you guys have shame to do it? Maamisa says all is well if the end is well so think.

On the way, the Innerself of Manini says she will lose everything if Banni marries Yuvan. Banni closes the door. She is shattered recalling her Maamisa words. She pours water on her head to cool herself. Banni comes out. Yuvan apologizes to her.

Maami asks Banni to marry Yuvan as they are no way left fir her. Banni says Devraj to take Yuvan to Delhi and I have been fighting for mom and now I will have to fight for this battle for my respect. Yuvan cries. Banni says hopes she doesn’t end while fighting. She leaves. Yuvan tries to apologize to her but she won’t listen.

Devraj says Banni is broken. Maamisa says we Know Banni better, nothing can stop this disgrace except their marriage so think about it. They leave with Banni in a cab. Yuvan cries telling his Grandpa that Banni has left, won’t she ever forgive me?

Banni arrives at her Basti and witnesses that Basti people are seeing the photos and pointing at her character. Maamu says she won’t agree if Banni is broken. Maamisa says Banni is getting defamed like her mom because of that rich people and no one will come in this Basti to marry this place girls. Ladies ask Banni to never help Yuvan.

Devraj asks Yuvan to sit in the car but Yuvan runs to Banni. He asks why she is crying and wipes her tears with a cloth. He requests her to not cry. Banni says these tears won’t stop now. Yuvan says I’m apologizing to you, I agree I slept next to you. Banni shuts him. Colony people get shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Basti people deny allowing Banni in their Basti. They break things in Banni’s place. Devraj asks Banni to marry Yuvan. Yuvan risks his life to save Banni’s mother’s photo.

The episode starts with Maami telling Maamu that she got a way to get Banni married to Yuvan. Maamisa praises her intelligence. Maamisa posts Banni and Yuvan’s intimate photos in the whole city. She tells her husband that she will use her new sim to circulate that photo on social media. Viraj follows the tempo and gets to know the location of the temple. He informs Manini. Devraj gets shocked seeing the intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni. He thinks what kind of new problem is this.

He calls Banni’s aunt and tells her that he got an intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni from an unknown number. She says they receive photo too and children ruined their reputation with their act. Devraj says it won’t happen. Did you guys reach to temple? She says Viraj entering the temple. Devraj asks them to stop Viraj and tells them he is coming. Maamisa hits Viraj with a stick. He falls unconscious.

The next day morning, Banni is shocked to see Yuvan sleeping with her and slaps him. Yuvan asks what happened. Banni asks where is his shirt. Yuvan says he removes his shirt as it’s wet and I stayed here to wipe your tears and to comfort you when you woke up but you didn’t wake up and I fall asleep. He asks why she woke up with her slap, his grandpa never did it when he sleeps with him. Banni tells him it’s wrong to sleep with a girl. Yuvan apologizes to her. Banni leaves.

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