Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Update: Yuvan requests Devraj to make him get married to Banni


Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni saying we won’t study as we need to work for our families and before showing us low once live in our basti to know our problems. Manini says that’s why you used this way to reach the bungalow? You insulted my friend which I won’t bear. She warns her to get out of their house. She asks her workers to throw out Banni.

Banni stops them saying she will leave. Anchal asks her to leave giving them the ring. Banni asks Yuvan to remove the ring which is making her get insulted. Yuvan says he will do two marriages like his dad. Everyone gets shocked. Hemant tries to stop but he didn’t then Hemant slaps him.

Devraj scolds Hemant. Banni says you know your son’s condition and you can make him understand with love too without raising your hand. Hemant leaves. Devraj signs Banni to remove it. Banni says it’s not coming out. Manini asks Charmi to remove the ring. Charmi pulls out the ring harshly. Banni twist Charmi’s finger and tells her that she is getting the pain. She asks Kalpana to remove it slowly.

Hemant tells Manini that he did a mistake and Banni is right. He tells her he will apologise to Yuvan. Manini says Yuvan will feel he is correct so set your mood. She shows him the engagement rings and takes him to the venue. Banni gets pain. She takes back her hand and tells them that she will return the ring by visiting gold Smith.

Manini apologizes to everyone for the drama. She says let’s start engagement. She gives the ring to Yuvan and makes him put it to Niyati. Banni cries seeing her ring. Niyati also places the ring on him. He jerks his hand and the rings come out from Niyati and Yuvan’s fingers. Manini covers saying it’s the jeweler’s mistake. Yuvan looks at the doorway.

Banni cries recalling her insult. She comes to jewellery store and notices it’s closed. A nearby stall person tells her goldsmith will come after 4 days. Banni thinks Yuvan is purs but his act planted a mark on our friendship.

Myra asks his grandfather to do his magic like he used to do in deals. Sulekha says relationships are delicate so he can’t deal with them like deals. Yuvan comes there and requests Devraj to make him marry Banni as she is strong and protects him and our mother are staying near in the sky so tell Banni’s mother to give her to me and make me get married to her.

Devraj thinks he wants the same but how to make it happen. Banni couldn’t remove the ring. She tells Vishnu that it’s not removing. Vishnu asks her to dip in the hot water for some time. Banni says anything can happen to my finger but nothing can happen to this ring as it’s a ring of Yuvan’s mother.

Episode ends.

Precap – At the market, Raja will give 7 days for Banni to repay his loan and tells her that he will marry her if she fails to pay his 3lakhs. Viraj will beat Yuvan when he says he will marry Banni.

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