Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th June 2022 Written Update: Banni exposes Viraj’s misdeeds in front of Rathods


Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Viraj asking Yuvan to give him his phone. Yuvan denies saying he will give it to Banni. Viraj beats him. Myra sees it and alerts family members. Banni beats Viraj with vegetables but he won’t stop beating Yuvan. Banni performs pole vault and enters the Rathod’s mansion then she smacks Viraj. Viraj says I’m ok and you can take Yuvan as the phone is with me. Yuvan shows Banni his phone is with him and the cover is with Viraj. Yuvan hugs Banni and requests her to not leave him. Banni consoles him.

Manini and Hemant separate them. Manini says he is stressed because of Dhol’s sounds. She asks Niyati to take him inside. Niyati takes him. Viraj tries to snatch the phone from Banni but she beats him and opens the phone using his fingerprint.

Banni says she will prove her innocence by seeing the chats. Hemant stops Viraj and asks her to prove it. Banni says she will show it on the big screen and shows everyone’s photos and chats of Viraj with goons. Yuvan stops Niyati from doing his first aid and goes out. Viraj sees Manini. Manini gets alerted and she slaps Viraj for his wrongdoings. Yuvan hugs Devraj.

Brinda tells his son that she is ashamed. Devraj says I never misjudged people. He confronts Viraj about why he did it. Viraj says he did it to take revenge on Banni for insulting him in front of the guest. Banni asks if he didn’t remember his behavior on that day. Viraj says jealous of Yuvan as Dada Ji gave the property to Yuvan but nothing to me, why Dada Ji.

Devraj says see your antics them your get to know your answers, I earned it with my hard work and if I name it on you then you ruined it like your Dad. Brinda agrees with Devraj. Viraj says you guys don’t have any expectations from me so don’t expect me to behave well with Viraj. Banni says his nature won’t change and send him to be and if he started working then he will set by understanding the value of money.

Yuvan tells he needs permission to say something. Banni asks him to say. Yuvan exposes how Viraj beat him to lie previously and I took jewellery with me as I don’t want this bad Pari to wear my Mom’s jewellery. Devraj gets angry. He announces that Banni will come here to feed food to Yuvan and she will teach lessons to people who mistreat Yuvan.

Banni claps and says you guys want to show my place in this house and hope today you see what’s my real place in the house. She shows her mom’s photo to them and says my mom is beautiful and she doesn’t have any mark on her but because of this Viraj everyone pointed out my mom’s character so he needs to apologise. Hemant warns Viraj to apologise to everyone. Viraj apologises to everyone. Banni asks Manini to apologise to her Mom as she blamed her Mom’s character. Everyone looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Hemant and Banni come down with their luggage. Hemant tells his Dad that they are leaving the house. Yuvan asks Banni to promise him that they can stay together forever. Hemant says they are shifting to Delhi. He tells Yuvan will agree to marry Niyati once he left Banni. Banni promises to be with Yuvan.

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