Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th November 2022 Written Update: Banni tries to steal Kabir’s phone


Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th November 2022 Written Update On

The episode starts with Kabir asking Tulika on the phone to come home as quickly as possible. Banni brings food for Kabir along with a few servants. Kabir asks Banni what are these? Banni says this is Bindori and says this is a ritual before marriage and that relatives give to the newly weds. Kabir asks Banni if she thinks he will ever eat her food and says the person who likes her food has gone away. Banni says she didn’t know Kabir is this much afraid of Yuvan and says he can go if he doesn’t want it. Kabir tries to leave but Banni provokes Kabir that he is afraid that Yuvan will come out. Kabir sits at the dining table to eat the food.

Kabir argues with Banni about why did she make the food and what are her intentions? Kabir also asks if she mixed anything in the food. Banni says she didn’t and asks Kabir to leave if he doesn’t want it. Kabir says he will eat the food if she tasted the food first. Banni agrees to eat the food. Banni eats the Bindori with Kabir. Myra gives water to Banni and Kabir. After they eat the food.

Myra asks Banni if she is alright. Banni says she has to steal the phone from Kabir and see who is the one that sent the message. Charmi calls for Banni saying she has a stomach ache. Banni asks Myra to take Charmi to the hospital. Myra asks then who will steal the phone. Banni says she will take care of the phone. Charmi apologises to Banni saying because of her Banni’s plan failed. Banni says there is no need for that.

Kabir tells the decorators what to do. The decorators assure Kabir that the work will be done. Kabir says perfect.

Kabir asks Banni what does she want? Banni says as she gave him Bindori she asks for a return gift. Kabir says he is not that stupid to tell Banni who is the one that helped him. Banni asks Kabir to allow Yuvan to come out for a while. Kabir says he is not Yuvan and says he is Kabir and only Tulika has rights on him. Banni pleads with Kabir to allow Yuvan to see him one last time for 2 min. Kabir agrees. Banni hugs Kabir and recalls her moments with Yuvan. Banni later recalls she has to steal the phone. Banni tries to take the phone but Kabir asks Banni what is she doing? Banni says the phone is coming in between them. Kabir puts his phone in the pant pocket hearing this and reminds Banni that she has only 1 min left. Banni again tries to steal the phone but Kabir catches her in the act.

Episode ends.

Recap – Banni confronts Yuvan and asks him won’t he loves his Banni. She kisses him. Yuvan comes out defeating Kabir. Banni feels happy.

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