Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st November 2022 Written Update: Banni tricks Kabir


Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st November 2022 Written Update On
The episode starts with Kabir asking Banni if she is trying to take his phone to Know the truth that who messaged him. He says you’re smart but you can’t get it. Kabir and Banni feel dizzy. Banni says she won’t leave until she takes the phone. She chases him. Kabir enters the room. Banni locks the room and asks him to give his phone. Kabir refuses. He sees two Banni’s. He asks how she becomes 2. Banni asks him to give her his phone before he sees her 4. He denies it and asks what she mixed in the food. Banni says she mixed her love and affection. She tries to snatch the phone from him and falls on him and tries to take the phone from him.

Kabir asks Banni to stay away from him as Yuvan tries to come out when she is near him and Yuvan loves you so much. Kabir asks why she married crazy Yuvan even though she is beautiful and smart. Banni says she loves Yuvan who loves her. She praises Yuvan’s qualities. Yuvan comes out and he smiles seeing Banni. That time she tries to take the phone but Kabir over power’s him and pushes Banni but her chain is stuck to his shirt. Banni says you want me to stay away but fate is bringing us near so tell me who is the person helping you by informing my marriage with Agastya is fake. Kabir says I don’t know who is that person and seems like my well wisher. Banni removes the chain. He stand-up.

Banni goes to him and asks won’t he loves his Banni. He looks on. She kisses him. Banni love evokes Yuvan. She feels happy. They hug each other in love. Banni takes out the phone from his pocket to know who’s helping Kabir. Kabir overpowers Yuvan and asks Banni to return his phone. Banni escapes through the window. Viraj notices Banni’s state and asks her what happened. Banni asks Viraj to see who messaged Kabir. He checks it. Kabir comes out. Viraj slaps him. Kabir falls unconscious. Viraj takes him to the room and makes him sleep on the bed.

Banni pours water on her head to start in her senses. Viraj comes to her and asks if she is fine. Banni says she is fine and asks him to check the message. Viraj says you’re correct Kabir received a message from a Private number and in these messages, we can’t see the number. Banni calls Agastya for help. Agastya tells her that it takes 7 days to know about the number. Kabir gains consciousness. Banni tells Viraj that they have only 1 day so we need to make Kabir tell the truth. Kabir realises Banni took his phone. He thinks Banni is smart but she can’t reach that person as it came from a private. Number. He decides to teach a lesson to Banni. Kabir goes to meet Tulika. He gets shocked witnessing someone ruin Tulika’s childhood memories.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabor confronts who’s behind Bunty’s state. He points a gun at Banni. Banni thinks she will catch the culprit through Kabir. Kabir aims the gun at Devraj. Banni thinks that Devraj is behind the wrong medicine. Kabir shoots Devraj. Everyone gets shocked.

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